Postpartum new mother should be how to use postpartum double corset waist belt after delivery

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The belly band is mainly supplemented with insufficient muscle strength, abdomen relaxation. Use the belly Note: Do not be too tight, the location should not be too high, too tight and too high will affect the breathing, can not be long-term adherence. With the belly to help abdomen, the key is to wear the time, low strength for a long time, and the principle of weight loss is the same. Reasonable use of belly, the best time to sleep at night also used. Postpartum body sculpting at the same time can also wear a pair of high and low after the body training shoes, physical training shoes as the soles of the front is high after the low, the same force is forced to move to the heel, the body immediately become tall and straight. Have the role of hip and abdomen.

Belt For Stomach After Delivery Corset Postpartum Shapewear For C Section Abdominal Binder Belly Band
Belt For Stomach After Delivery Corset Postpartum Shapewear For C Section Abdominal Binder Belly Band

In order to nurture new life, mother’s abdominal muscles were stretched, abdominal skin was distraction, pelvic will be widened. Some mothers in the month on the abdomen without control, laissez-faire, and some are eager to abdomen, postpartum a few days to rush to use the postpartum band belt. In fact, these two extreme practices are not conducive to the recovery of postpartum abdomen. Help postpartum abdomen to restore, to properly use the shapewear after giving birth.

Postpartum abdomen 1: postpartum first with pelvic zone

Whether the mother is a natural childbirth or laparotomy, their pelvis will be increased because of hormones widened, that natural childbirth to prepare. The study found that 42 days postpartum female hormone has not yet reduced, pelvic still have good plasticity. Therefore, within 42 days postpartum timely application of appropriate external force on the pelvis, can effectively help the pelvis to return to prenatal state. In other words, and female abdominal recovery state is different from the pelvis only in the month of this period of time to effectively reply. Therefore, whether it is natural delivery or caesarean section of the mother, after 2 days postpartum, as long as the maternity belt after delivery feeling is good, you can start using pelvic correction zone. Pelvic band is different from the general abdomen, it uses a lower position, the role is appropriate to exert inward pressure on the pelvis to promote its recovery as soon as possible.

Postpartum new mother should be how to use postpartum double corset waist belt after delivery

Postpartum abdomen II: when to use the waist belt after delivery

Natural delivery of the mother after the month can only use the belly band. Some mothers believe that natural postpartum abdominal no wounds, so you can immediately use the belly band, it is not true. After birth, mothers have a lot of congestion in the abdomen, gas and other body fluids, need to naturally exclude the body through the cycle, if premature use of the binding band will only limit the body’s blood circulation, it is not conducive to the body of lochia discharge, is not conducive to smooth breathing , No benefit to organ recovery. In addition, the early use of the abdomen will also focus on the pelvis above the force, may force the soft pelvic external expansion is not conducive to the recovery of pelvis. Therefore, it is recommended that the mother of natural childbirth should be in the postpartum body recovery after the start of the use of pelvic correction zone, to 1 month postpartum, and then use the product dedicated abdomen to help body sculpting.

Generally believed that the thin body with a relatively safe belly. Body more fat people, the more the early use of abdominal belly, so as to avoid the body is difficult to restore. But have to remember, can not be long, long time to use yoyo postpartum body shapers.

But if cesarean section, can be used immediately after surgery. This is not only conducive to the restoration of the body, but also through the local tightening oppression, to prevent incision bleeding. After the recovery of the peristalsis, the abdomen can also play a protective incision, reduce the role of abdominal pain, easy to get out of bed activities, but also conducive to the recovery of the uterus. In the abdomen after the stitches, the belly of the wound also has a barrier postpartum double corset effect.

However, even cesarean section, it is not long-term use, generally only within 7 days after use. After the maternal exercise can be carried out to help the body to restore best post pregnancy belly wrap.

Abdominal postpartum corset belt are usually used in long-term, long-term use, will bring some side effects. The study found that 24 hours a day and long-term use of abdomen with harmful health. Mainly lead to blood circulation disorders, especially the inferior vena cava resistance increased, induced lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and other illnesses.

In addition, due to arterial incontinence, vascular blood supply capacity is limited, will lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart. The greater the pressure will also affect the intestinal tract, so that after eating bowel movements become slow, resulting in decreased appetite or constipation.

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