When to use yoyo postpartum girdle? Some tips for where to buy yoyo postpartum belly band.

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Some women to accept the corset still don’t understand, in fact this is the shape of the mothers savior, also is the health of mothers help. Women after childbirth, his body becomes weak, the body’s internal organs also can appear a certain degree of prolapse phenomenon, for maternal health, we need to use belly in supporting the internal organs, on the other hand, belly in belt can also help wound healing, and bleeding postpartum mothers, this is for caesarean birth mothers.

Belt For Stomach After Delivery Corset Postpartum Shapewear For C Section Abdominal Binder Belly Band
Belt For Stomach After Delivery Corset Postpartum Shapewear For C Section Abdominal Binder Belly Band

About the tummy belt for women after delivery, we will also consider to accept the corset style, new mothers can choose according to your actual shape, there is a elastic model of the corset, also have pants type belly in band, also has a belt type yoyo postpartum belly band. But although these closed the corset style is different, but the efficacy function is can help extrusion abdominal proud flesh postpartum mothers, have the effect of shape. Then when is postpartum new mothers with good?

What time do you start with belly in belt of natural labor

Natural birth female wound is small, so many new mom mom will generate an error, think your wound is small, on the second day of postpartum can be used to receive the corset, actually this is wrong.

Using natural labor women on the tummy wrap after delivery, will not be able to use immediately after childbirth. Because women postpartum, abdomen is contains a lot of residual blood and other body fluids, which need to be unleashed in natural conditions, if early use belly in belt, it is easy to inhibit the excretion of these substances, is not conducive to women’s postpartum recovery. Women, on the other hand, with the best postpartum belly wrap too early, also can cause pelvic external expansion, the serious influence to our size, it is paid special attention to.

Natural labor of women with the correct use of caesarean delivery time in about a month of postpartum, wait until your body basic recovery under the condition of using the belly in belt, we suggest that these women can choose natural birth female special belly in band, to help shape. To strengthen effect, can be in after months of postpartum, choose enhanced postpartum belly band.

What time do you start with maternity belt after delivery of cesarean section

Women after cesarean section, the wound is large, we should pay attention to the wound care, but also pay attention to your back when you sleep. In addition, in order to prevent these women in the next bed, toilet or want to move, the wound is broken, and we will suggest women are using the corset.

Caesarean women use post delivery tummy belt in belt can not only help wounds heal, also can reduce the pain of the wound caused by, therefore, the first day of postpartum can be used to receive the corset. Belly in belt, however, can’t use it frequently, especially in these women during sleep, had better not use the bellyband.

Different ways of labor, the wound will be different, so using belly in time also exist differences, we should pay attention to choose the appropriate time, scientific use of the corset. For health, for body recovery, bellyband these women need help, but also should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of diet, can help shape postpartum corset.

Under normal circumstances, the female pelvic cavity reproductive organs by all sorts of ligament and pelvic floor support organization to maintain its normal position. During pregnancy with fetal growth and development, the mother will be a series of adaptive changes in each system, and with the biggest changes of the reproductive system, especially the uterus, its volume and weight of up to 18 times before childbirth and about 20 times respectively; Fixed uterine ligament also become soft, elongation accordingly.

After birth, the uterus begins to recover, in about ten days or so can drop into the pelvis, but 6 weeks to return to normal size. And fixed ligament of the uterus and because of overstretching during pregnancy, than just before childbirth relaxation. Vaginal and pelvic floor support organization, due to the excessive stretching, expansion of childbirth and damage, make its flexibility drops can’t fully recover to prenatal condition, the influence of the pregnant uterus expands, postpartum abdominal relaxation, about full body girdle recovery.

Nursing during the use of the corset in, not only does nothing to restore the abdominal wall tension, due to the increased abdominal pressure, and produce after pelvic support tissue and ligaments drops to support of the reproductive organs, cause uterine prolapse, uterine flexion after serious backward, before and after vaginal wall surfaces, etc. Because of the reproductive organs of the normal position change, make the pelvic blood flow, resistance to drop, easy cause pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, pelvic blood stasis syndrome and other gynecological diseases, serious influence maternal health.

So, want to after cesarean section with belly in belt in best sit after lili.

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