yoyo girdle 3 In 1 Pregnancy Support Belly know how to adjust postpartum body

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Use of the opportunity to adjust the body shape, or improve some of the symptoms of the body, is a very important time, so many people will be in this period with gauze tied to the abdomen, to achieve the purpose of adjusting the body!
Pay special attention to prevent the “visceroptosis” must be the period of confinement, because visceral ptosis may be the root of all “women’s disease” and “prematurely senile”, and will therefore have lower abdomen, so in the postpartum period to Qin to bind bellyband abdominal contraction and prevent visceral ptosis, and if the original is visceroptosis free postpartum girdle size, can also be while during confinement often tied to abdominal improvements..
Use the bandage for a long white ribbon, about 1200 cm long, 15 cm wide, each must be ready to replace two. Due to postpartum to vulcanization, easy to sweat, sweat should be used if apart, and the abdomen dry, sprinkle some cold without the prickly heat powder after re secured. If the sweat is serious, it shall be replaced with clean bandage, please refer to “tie tied to the belt”. If a general use a bundle of pants or sticky, not only did not prevent visceroptosis effect, but may make the oppression of visceral blood is not smooth, so visceral deformation or flatulence caused dyspnea or lower abdomen prominent type, please pay special attention to!

Compression Girdle Postpartum Corset Belly Wrap Belt After C Section Postnatal Stomach Band Postpartum Shapewear
Compression Girdle Postpartum Corset Belly Wrap Belt After C Section Postnatal Stomach Band Postpartum Shapewear

Method to bind maternity belt after delivery:
1) size: use white gauze bandage breathable, 1200 cm long, 15 cm wide
2) dosage: for women to their homework, because they do not wear underwear (tied after the first abdominal underwear), flat skin, easy to sweat, all need to prepare 2 to replace
3) function:. A. Prevent visceroptosis (general corset not applicable) B. Contraction of the abdomen, stomach
Start time: 4) to natural birth – second days postpartum; cesarean section – sixth days (a 5 days); mini – second days after operation
5) daily disassembly, Reties time: three meals to be dismantled and re tied before the meal; remove the bath after bath before, and then tied; 2 weeks postpartum 24 hours tied to loose weight tied; after third weeks during the day to night, remove
6) cleaning: washing with cold washing, then rinse with water after the dry, do not use washing machine, because of easy to wrinkle
7) tie postpartum corset and demolition method:
A, lying on the back, lying flat, knees, feet flat on the bed, the thigh above the knee as far as possible with the right angle of the abdomen; hip elevation, and 2 pads under the buttocks pad
B, his hands in the lower abdomen, palms forward, the viscera to the heart of the direction of massage, hold high.

yoyo girdle 3 In 1 Pregnancy Support Belly know how to adjust postpartum body
C, divided into 2 segments from the pubic tie, tied to the navel, a total of 12 laps before the 7 round tie, overlapping winding, each 1 times around half a “inclined fold” (positive will turn into the abdominal oblique fracture side, then continue to tie down, oblique fracture sites on both sides of the hip), 5 each circle circle moved upwards of 2 cm high, spiral to tie, finally cover the navel with safety pins fixed and will take the lead into the yoyo postpartum support belt.
D, each must be tied to 12 foot ring, if large abdominal circumference should be used 3 into 2 to use best postpartum belt.
E, thin, hip cannot stick belly prominent, bandage, must first pad towel and then bind bellyband
F, remove the side to be removed, while solid round shaped back-up system rollback.

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