YoYo Girdle Say: 2017 New mother postpartum slimming 4 basic principles must not be wrong.

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Rule 1: don’t lose weight six weeks ago

After giving birth to a baby, the new mom is weak and her body is the most important. At 6 weeks postpartum, the mummy just keep breast-feeding, add to the care of the baby toil day and night, usually more than just finished production naturally reduce weight 2.5 5 kg, don’t need to lose weight and use 2017 postpartum belt.

After 6-8 weeks, the new mom’s body has recovered and she can start to lose weight gradually. This time, the new mother body fat in a free state, not a parcel of hard fat reduction, coupled with the endocrine and metabolic gradually returned to normal, choose the right way to lose weight, not only will not affect lactation, still can let the milk more unobstructed.

3 In 1 Breathable Belly Band After Delivery Tummy Postpartum Belly Wrap Belt For Stomach And Hips
3 In 1 Breathable Belly Band After Delivery Tummy Postpartum Belly Wrap Belt For Stomach And Hips

Principle 2: don’t go on a diet to lose weight and postpartum wrap

No matter when, dieting is not a good way to lose weight, especially after the baby is born, the new mother the body burden of energy recovery and dual task, feeding the baby if nutrition can’t keep up with, yourself and your baby will suffer, serious when still can cause postpartum complications. A good diet can both control the calories and provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

Can be appropriately eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products, dairy products, grains, vegetables, and fresh fruit and other foods high protein, high vitamin, try to eat less sweet food, Fried food, fat and other food containing saturated fatty acids. When cooking, pay attention to the combination of loose collocation, the combination of meat and vegetable, less salt and less oil, and replenish the water with calcium, iron, protein and vitamins to satisfy the need of lactation.

Principle 3: no strenuous exercise

Sport is the best way to lose weight, but intense exercise for maternal hidden danger, it will lead to uterine recovery slow, or cause uterine bleeding, infection, etc., serious when even lead to uterine prolapse. New moms should follow a step-by-step approach, starting with simple stretches, postpartum yoga, walking, and a small amount of exercise or someone to use fashion post pregnancy belly band.

Principle 4: don’t use the bellies too soon

The belt, also known as the belt, promotes contractions in the uterus and helps to reshape the body. But premature corset belt is not suitable for use, because mommy belly still has a lot of blood after childbirth, gas and other fluids, need through the body’s circulation nature out of the body, early use corset belt will limit the circulation of blood in the body, is not conducive to the body lochia eduction and viscera restore. Therefore, it is recommended that the mothers use the bellies four to six weeks after giving birth.

YoYo Girdle Say: 2017 New mother postpartum slimming 4 basic principles must not be wrong.

In addition, when choosing a girdle, you should pay attention to the time: 1. Choose pure cotton and wear more comfortable. When used, should not be too tight, so as not to interfere with normal breathing and eating, it is not conducive to the recovery of the psoas muscle. The use of time should not be too long, depending on the circumstances.

The reason for the poor weight loss after giving birth:

1, slow down the weight properly

Postpartum weight gain is normal phenomenon, after lactation, the weight will gradually return to pre-pregnancy level. If weight gain is significant, the reduction of excess content should be taken gradually and steadily. It is too soon to be overdone. If you lose 250 grams a week, that’s pretty good. Slowing down your weight will make women postpartum corset easier and more effective.

Scientifically estimate the number of calories consumed

The amount of calories consumed per day should not affect the amount of milk produced, but also keep weight loss. If you’re a new mom with a moderate amount of activity, aim to reduce your weight by a quarter of a kilogram a week and lose about 250 calories in the estimated calorie count.

By the following standards, you can calculate the amount of heat released by 100 grams of food: 4 calories for food release; About 6 calories for beans; Fat and oil release 9 CARDS; Lean meat releases 6 calories; Fruit releases 4 calories; The calories from vegetables are negligible. Non-pregnant women need about 1,800 calories a day, with no significant increase in calories from the day of pregnancy, and 300 to 500 calories per day during pregnancy.

Develop a scientific and healthy diet plan

A balanced diet is equally important, although the daily intake of food is reduced, but the variety is not reduced. Eat foods that contain only calories, nutrients, and nutrients, such as fat, sugar, and alcohol. Mothers who breastfeed should pay attention to the nutritional structure of the diet and not to lose weight suddenly.

Stick to exercise

Exercise at least a few times a week, such as taking a walk in a stroller, attending a community organization’s new mom sports training class, swimming, riding a bike, etc.

5, keep your spirits up and move

Caring for a newborn is a real burden, but fatigue does not achieve the goal of losing weight. Fatigue can make you eat too much food. A rich and colorful life will not only make you tired and happy, but also help you recover.

The quickest and most effective way to lose weight after birth:

Stick to a light diet and drink lots of vegetable soup

Oil soup is the chicken soup of stewed chicken soup, pork chop soup, chicken soup, beef soup, hoof soup and so on. Drink soup, such as tomato egg soup, longan medlar soup, red jujube soup of brown sugar, red bean soup of yi, whose egg stew, spinach soup, xiaoqing soup, and so on, also drink porridge, millet congee, rice porridge, purple rice porridge in the drink. In addition to these soups and porridge, drink a lot of water and drink 750ml of milk a day, 250ml a day, three times a day.

Eat more roughage

Having a baby is easy to get constipated. Eating coarse food can regulate the gut and increase the bowel movement to prevent constipation. It’s a good choice for the yams. Plan your diet properly and eat coarse food two days a week. Every day you drink milk and you have oatmeal, and milk cereal is a really good combination. Two slices of whole wheat bread and one egg and milk cereal. For lunch, eat cereal or whole wheat flour for dinner, or a job with a job of a job, or a white rice.

3, do postpartum aerobics, lose weight effectively

On the back of the bed, two knee joint buckling, two feet flat on the bed, hands in the abdomen, carry on deep breathing exercises, the stomach a drum. Lie on your back on the bed, his hands back of the head and chest slightly raised, two legs straight up and down alternately, the amplitude of small to large range, from slow to fast, even do about fifty times. Lie on your back on the bed, his hands holding bed bar, two legs curling together, don’t bend the knee, tiptoes, the Angle of the legs and body best reached 90 degrees, become warped up stops for a moment then falls and so on, until the abdomen grieved.

The mother who wants to lose weight after giving birth must realize that weight loss is not an instant thing, the right amount of weight loss is the fundamental way of losing weight. At the same time, exercise and bland diet, compensatory and enough nutrition and intestinal health, how to participate in outdoor sports, don’t get trapped in the home, can keep a good figure and you can use full body girdle.

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