YoYo Girdle: 5 Steps to Reduce Tummy after Cesarean C-Section Delivery

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Caesarean birth female friends in postpartum 42 days to the arrangement of the reasonable diet, can not only help the puerpera restores healthy body, can help women slim belly again, here is to say, how to eat or yoyo postpartum girdle can help women after cesarean section thin belly?

YoYo Girdle: 5 Steps to Reduce Tummy after Cesarean C-Section Delivery

1.Eat foods high in protein.

Postpartum more should have more protein than usual, especially of animal protein, such as: chicken, fish, lean lean, animal liver, blood, beans also cannot lack a kind of food, but don’t add too much, or you will increase liver and kidney burden, it is adverse to the body health, the amount of daily intake in the 95 g is ok, not more than this amount.

2.Diversify your food.

Whole grains and refined grains to eat, must not be junk food, such as: millet, rice, flour, etc., reasonable collocation can help more maternal diet thickness the absorption of nutrition, help the recovery of the body.

3.Eat fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have a wealth of vitamins and minerals, can give people plenty of dietary fiber, can prevent postpartum constipation.

4.Drink lots of soup.

Belt For Stomach After Delivery Corset Postpartum Shapewear Girdle For C Section Abdominal Binder
Belt For Stomach After Delivery Corset Postpartum Shapewear Girdle For C Section Abdominal Binder

Soups are tasty and easy to digest and absorbed, and also promote the secretion of milk, such as crucian carp soup, pig’s feet soup, and brown sugar water. Need to pay attention to brown sugar water can’t more than ten days, drink brown sugar water for too long can lead to increase of lochia, cause chronic blood loss of maternal, anemia. But the soup should be moderate to prevent the appearance of breast swelling in the woman.

5.Eat less spicy food and eat less sugar.

Acrid food will lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, maternal is too much sweet food will affect maternal appetite, and can lead to excess amount and converted into fat, body fat.

After caesarean section can be used to discount postpartum girdle?

The program share the experience of postpartum thin, which is the most important point is the use of gauze after cesarean section, then caesarean section is really able to use the tie to lose weight? Let’s work together to understand it.

In the delivery of female friends after the body is very weak, and the body of a variety of elasticity can not be immediately restored, it will lead to internal organs are sagging, gastroptosis mainly in the diet immediately after the abdomen filling feeling, the stomach will There is a faint pain, and uterine sagging performance for the small abdomen with a sense of bulging, so postpartum mothers wear their own belly belly, is to help female friends to support the internal organs, and for the caesarean section of the use of female friends Abdominal belts and hemostasis and promote wound healing postpartum girdle c section effect.

In the six months after the production of fat is flowing, during this period of physical reshaping is the best chance, the rational use of abdominal belts for postpartum shape recovery has a great impact, the use of gauze abdomen is near Year is a very popular method is to use ordinary gauze for processing, into the belly band, compared with the traditional and has a strong breathability and soft features, but then use the gauze abdomen when some trouble, need Family help, and the whole process of wrapping gauze is a physical labor or use cheap full body girdle.

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