YoYo belly band to flatten stomach Say: are you ready Before delivery?

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Pregnant mothers, the more near the expected date, is not the more nervous? Always love cranky Entangled … … In fact, most of the pregnant mothers can be shipped, as long as you are ready to work before delivery, your production process will be very smooth.


Mothers need to be prepared before delivery

1, psychological preparation

Professor Ma Liangkun said that there are many pregnant mothers are very anxious before labor: fear of childbirth pain, fear of bleeding in the production process, worry about the production can not be cut, but also afraid of the baby will be deformed, or some other emergency situation … … In short, all kinds of tension, fear, anxiety.

In fact, this mental state is undesirable, because the negative emotions will lead to a series of changes in the body, such as shortness of breath, heart rate disorders, and these changes will not only affect the baby’s blood supply, but also affect the progress of labor, And even lead to Shun profile, so that maternal by two stubs … … really is to make your all kinds of worries have become a reality!

Therefore, Professor Ma Liangkun suggested that pregnant mothers before childbirth, we must adjust their own, to maintain a peaceful, confident state of mind, which is very helpful for the smooth delivery. To be confident of giving birth to confidence, tell yourself: as long as the size of the baby is appropriate, the pelvis is normal, prenatal examination did not find abnormal circumstances, I was able to naturally give birth.

YoYo belly band to flatten stomach Say:  are you ready Before delivery?

2, physical preparation

A lot of fear are actually from unknown or misunderstanding, many pregnant mother because they do not understand the process of childbirth, the mind for the impression of childbirth mostly from the film and television drama, or from other people heard from the mouth.

Film and television drama in order to dramatic effect, often too exaggerated, the real childbirth process is not so hysterical, and doctors do not agree with the process of shouting in the delivery, both consumption of physical, but also easily lead to fetal hypoxia; Not because of someone else’s words, “the child is too painful, it is simply unbearable” to retreat or cranky, because everyone’s feelings for the pain are also different postpartum girdle.

Experience is the best teacher, if the hospital has “childbirth rehearsal”, “mimic maternity ward” such a pregnant school curriculum, it is recommended that you listen more, from admission to be delivered to delivery to discharge the whole process, you can also from the network , Books on some relevant tutorials. Understand, and not so afraid, and know ourselves, can only “battle” Well.

In addition, pregnant mothers are necessary to learn about the method, such as Ramazar breathing, the use of childbirth, childbirth skills, etc., which for the ease of uterine bleeding during childbirth, appropriate right and very helpful! At the same time, the child is also very physical consumption, it is recommended that pregnant mother usually do not be too pampered, appropriate exercise about the body, you can help hand in hand.

3, items ready

Baby is not really have to wait until the date of birth on time to come, the fetus over 37 weeks even if the full term, at any time may come, so mother ready to prepare in advance “to be produced package”, ready to meet the baby.


The items in the package

1) documents package

Outpatient card: some hospitals need, if there is to bring;

Perinatal card or case, the previous inspection report card: Some hospitals require storage in the hospital unified custody;

Health insurance card, fertility reimbursement vouchers: each hospital is not the same as in advance to prepare for easy reimbursement;

A copy of the couple ID card, a copy of Zhunsheng Zheng: the original best put another, so that in the hospital was lost in the hectic;

Cash or UnionPay card one: hospital need to deposit, but each hospital to pay the amount of different payments, depending on the circumstances.

2) mother pack


Breasts, post pregnancy girdle,breast-feeding bra: the best choice before the open or sling open type, easy to feed the baby;

Disposable pants: postpartum lochia, need to be replaced at any time. One-time convenience to run out to throw, the best with a few;

Flat shoes: easy to get out of bed after the activities, and to prepare 2 to 3 pairs of cotton socks;

Maternal cap: wind, but if it is used in the summer, you should choose light section;

Abandoned belly: help her mother to restore the “unloading” after the relaxation of the abdomen. In the choice, you should choose the flexibility is better.


Maternal special sanitary napkins: large and medium yards of the 1 package for the care of postpartum lochia care;

Tissue: 2 packs, it is best to prepare a pack of wipes;

Washing supplies: towels, soft hair toothbrush, comb, pots, skin care products, postpartum is also need to talk about health da;

Cushion mats: can be used to prevent lochia, to prevent dirty sheets;

Disposable toilet pad: a number, to prevent puerperium resistance is too low to cause infection;

Disposable anti-galactorrhea pad: to prevent galactorrhea wet clothes;

Breast pump: baby after drinking milk, my mother would use breast pump to suck the breast, to prevent mastitis;

Mobile phone, charger: can download some interesting video or music, ease prenatal pain;

Childbirth: Some hospitals will be used to relieve prenatal pain.


Chocolate, functional drinks, childbirth energy supplement package and other food: can help maternal fast in the delivery of physical strength, mothers can be purchased according to personal preferences;

Cups, straws: if it is broken water, my mother must be lying in bed until the childbirth, straw easy to drink water, eat liquid food;

Tableware: lunch boxes, chopsticks and so on.

Baby bag

Monk clothing: 1 to 2, do not give the child to prepare too much, because the follow-up relatives will send da;

Package: the newborn is very easy to wake up, wrapped with the baby body wrapped up, make him sleep more fragrant;

Small bedding or towels are used for warmth. Even in the summer, the baby should also cover the belly to eat, in order to avoid cold caused by abdominal pain, diarrhea;

Diaper: baby can guarantee the quality of sleep at night, the general neonatal wear NB or S can be postpartum shapewear;

Baby special wipes: baby can be replaced in the diapers, wipe the fart on the stool.

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