Can yoyo postpartum girdle be washed? Something tips to wash 2017 yoyo abdominal binder after delivery

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Can belly be washed? The answer is certainly yes. As the abdomen is flexible, so people can not help but worry about washing will be deformed. In fact, the belly can not only wash, and must be washed, because after all, is a personal thing, and then washed but can restore the elasticity of it. Just, how to wash the belly? What are the requirements for drying? postpartum girdle benefits?

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Belly belly of course can be washed, and whether it is just bought back or with a long dirty are the best wash. because:
1, abdomen to buy back after washing to use, even if the gauze has to wash, so as to avoid allergies, and the best can be more bubbles, soak the soft point of the body will not be so that the meat.
2, abdomen with a long dirty with the best clean, with a sweat full of dirty stomach is not comfortable, the two are not good for the skin, and then wash away the sweat but can restore the elasticity of the postpartum girdle c section.

Sunbathing belts with know-how:
Belly belly because of its special effects and is a personal thing, so wash or sun belly belly are required. Please note the following when drying or washing:
1, just bought back belly how to wash:
Just bought back belly gauze is best to soak for 15 minutes with boiling water, one can play the role of disinfection, the two is so that the new cotton can be boiled to increase the absorption of new cotton, later use will be more soft.
2, usually how to wash belly wash:
Usually used to wash the belly to wash, then, must not wash with a washing machine. Generally first soak with warm water for 20 minutes, and then a little rub can be, can not be too rubbing. Note that the wash does not need or can not use detergent.
3, wash the postpartum belly binding with how the sun:
Wash the belly is best not to twist the water, so put up to the sun, and to let it dry, do not exposure, so that will not let the belly belt deformation. Because the belly deformation, but will lose its effectiveness.

Can yoyo postpartum girdle be washed? Something tips to wash 2017 yoyo abdominal binder after delivery

First, the advantages and disadvantages of the abdomen
1, the advantages of yoyo belly wrap
Most of the plastic belts are rubber and rubber products, flexibility is very good, retractable, and the price is generally not expensive, most of the 100 or less, compared to the use of gauze more convenient, just a person can easily Tied up.
Especially in the market some of the functional abdomen, specifically for postpartum problems developed by the belly will certainly be better than the ordinary gauze effect.
2, the shortcomings of the post pregnancy belly wrap
The main drawback of the belly band is the breathability compared to the gauze to be worse, tied up some people will be uncomfortable, as well as with a long time caused by the side effects will be larger than the gauze.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of gauze
1, the advantages of gauze
Gauze compared to the belly, the biggest advantage is good ventilation, and then the price is relatively cheap, and the general income postpartum corset 2017 almost the same price.
So, in the summer, recommend inflammation or gauze is better, gauze permeability is better, tied up is also very comfortable.
2, gauze shortcomings
Gauze, although the permeability is good, but compared to the specific effect of the belly is still worse. In addition, the elasticity of the gauze than the abdomen is much worse, which led to the bundled gauze is not convenient to do bending and other abdominal movements, more affect the normal life.
Also, tied gauze is also very convenient, if you want to regulate the bundled gauze may also need a person to do helper, which for many times every day to tie gauze maternal is very inconvenient.

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