Postpartum proper use of the cephalic belly binder for after pregnancy fast abdomen does not hurt the body

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Postpartum proper use of the cephalic belly binder for after pregnancy fast abdomen does not hurt the body

The love of beauty is human nature, many young mothers, in particular, pay attention to their own bodies change, postpartum mommy see oneself up the howl of the figure can be true can’t, and many on the market all kinds of the corset belt. The cesarean section and natural birth mother and variety of the wound. How to bring the bondage of love? How to recover the past beautiful figure?

Postnatal Postpartum Shapewear For C Section Best Tummy Shapewear Corset
Postnatal Postpartum Shapewear For C Section Best Tummy Shapewear Corset

What is a corset postpartum belly band c section?

Corset belt is also called the belly in belt, it is by means of physical methods complement insufficient muscle, abdominal relaxation, to prevent the splanchnic prolapse. Science shows that postpartum women to choose a good belly in tape, pelvic correction tape, indeed of postpartum abdominal muscle retraction, pelvic recovery are of great help/very good.


Good maternity belt after delivery or good gauze
The earliest postpartum abdomen mainly use gauze bandage winding method to achieve the role of the abdomen, but the cotton inelastic, after the use of activities is not easy to stretch the abdomen effect greatly reduced. And high-quality postpartum belly band can not only help maternal rapid recovery of body, but also can help the uterus to recover quickly, to prevent gastroptosis, if the special design, but also to eliminate stretch marks, slow down the function of postoperative waist discomfort.
Caesarean section of the mother:

Twill belly has been a caesarean section mother’s postpartum recommended supplies. Usually in the mother after the knife, get out of bed before the post-mortem ward staff will help her mother to use the corset, and then teach her mother to use the method.

Postpartum proper use of the cephalic belly binder for after pregnancy fast abdomen does not hurt the body

Reasons include:

1. Fixed wounds, activities are less limited

Caesarean section mother after the knife, the abdomen will be left on the wound, the wound has not been cured before, will inevitably some pain, if the action is not careful involved in the wound, the pain will intensify, so that my mother did not get out of bed activities, The use of postpartum corset shapewear can be fixed wound, to avoid the activities of the rectus abdominis has been expanding, causing wound pain or involved, is conducive to wound healing. In addition, caesarean section mothers in the postoperative if there is no other discomfort, get out of bed early on the body to restore useful, so the physician will recommend caesarean section after the mother can use the cephalopod, the mother in the pain is not so strong, the relative comparison will not be excluded Bed activities.
2. Avoid inflammation of the post pregnancy hip wrap lungs

Caesarean section mothers in the surgery to be treated with fenic acid, and sometimes postoperative tracheal secretions will increase, my mother if not timely sputum cough, may cause fever, inflammation of the lungs, delayed body function recovery. But because the mother in the sputum, it is very easy to involve the wound and feel pain, so the physician will recommend caesarean section mother after the first Department of the cephalopelite to spit, slow down the pain, smooth sputum cough to shorten the recovery time.

Mothers of maternity:

Maternity mother, the fetus was delivered, the mother organ needs a period of care will be restored to prenatal state. Postpartum mother’s skin relaxation, abdominal enlargement, waist burden also increased, under the action of gravity, visceral easy to sag. Early use of the corset, from the second day after birth, for six months the most effective, postpartum girdle can improve the waist and abdomen curve, to prevent visceral ptosis, promote uterine contractions, to help the body function recovery. Reasons include:
1. The mother of the birth of the use of the best full body girdle, mainly to the body sagging part of the care, so pay special attention to the use of the direction and use of the belly binder for after pregnancy, especially the use of around the beam belly, Tied up, but to comply with the bottom up, from tight to loose winding way to reduce the possibility of pelvic organ sagging.

2. As the production of wound wound concentrated in the genitals, corset belt without deliberately tight, the use of time every day is not too long, so as not to affect the quality of life does not say, may also be due to the wrong way to use long rash. Sleep at night, it is best to take the fast belly, wait until the day to get out of bed activities, it will be in the lower abdomen you can pull up the site can be raised.


The role of the belly band
I believe that many moms know that the corset belt is helpful to restore the body, but the corset in the end is how the role of it?

After the birth of the baby, due to maternal weakness, the body of the ligament flexibility did not immediately resume, it is easy to produce visceral ptosis, fat increased, the shape of the phenomenon. Therefore, the proposed postpartum mother must wear their own belly band to help the body to support internal organs. For the new mother after caesarean section, postpartum timely use of the cephalic can also play a hemostasis, promote the role of wound healing.
In general, the postpartum of 6 months, is the mother of the golden age of body sculpting, this time, wearing a body sculpting products, to help her mother to adjust the body and body, as soon as possible to restore prenatal slim and self-confidence. Strengthen the type of abdominal belly for the recovery of the mother’s body is essential, as soon as possible to strengthen the use of abdominal belly to the lower abdomen curve to the lower abdomen from the lifting effect, not only can promote uterine contraction, to prevent visceral ptosis, tighten the relaxation of the abdomen , But also can help the body function slowly restored.

Note: maternal use of corset, according to the doctor’s recommendation, choose their own belly band. Must not, because the rush to restore the body, on the random use, this will only bring harm to the body.

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