How soon after c section can i wear YOYO postpartum girdle belt shapewear

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Why need to use Postpartum belt?

Postpartum wearing abdomen is more and more important, and now more and more doctors recommend to wear postpartum girdle, not only to look beautiful, with more is the body’s health, and their own uterus protection, so beware.

YOYO abdomen belt series for the natural delivery of mothers prepared abdomen dedicated abdomen. Each abdomen is equipped with a number of professional elastic rods, abdomen elastic bar effect is to make the body and bones are not skewed in the recovery process so that the pelvis to the healthy direction, that is, correct the mother during pregnancy go The body, changing the waist and abdomen forward or backward incorrect posture. So choose a professional elastic rod is very important, quality is also very important.
In addition, the abdomen is free to adjust the tightness, tailor-made, breathable material, scalability first-class, mothers can wear on a regular basis, the waist and abdomen to move the fat to re-positioning in the comfort of body shape remodeling. At the same time also well protect their own uterus from harm. But now more and more mothers will choose caesarean section, caesarean section will be a little safer, but the body will hurt a little more. YoYo girdle designed for caesarean mothers have caesarean section dedicated belts. Caesarean section surgery will have some damage to the maternal body, the wound takes some time to heal, usually the woman will use a bandage to promote wound healing, if you are a Caesarean section, you must choose a professional Caesarean abdomen can be.

The use of a bandage avoids the hassle of bandaging, and is simple to use and easy to use. Proper use of special post pregnancy girdle, not only can reduce the abdominal wall tension, accelerate wound healing, prevent visceral ptosis, promote uterine contraction and pelvic return, but also can effectively help the mother to restore the beauty curve. No matter what the mode of production, postpartum want to strengthen the body shaping effect and speed, mothers can use enhanced abdomen belt, it is to strengthen the design of six elastic rods, by the maternal welcome.

Whether natural or caesarean section, hormone secretion will make the mother’s pelvis larger, if you use the abdomen with the YoYo girdle for stomach pelvic recovery band, not only can help you shrink the pelvis, but also can be treated postpartum pelvic relaxation Bring the pain symptoms.
Suggested that mothers may wish to use the abdomen when the two-pronged approach to experience the comfort of postpartum pelvic health recovery zone. In the United States, YOYO’s abdomen girdle, postpartum pelvic recovery belt is not only a patent for mothers, many men and women who have strain of lumbar muscles also use it for routine care.

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