How to mix and choose white postpartum abdominal belt after normal delivery?

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After many pregnant women give birth to babies, sometimes we are addicted to buying a new postpartum abdominal belt after normal delivery. It seems that once you stop buying a new postpartum girdle and some new fashion clothes, it will be discarded by fashion. In fact, fashion and trendy clothes without the necessary abdomen. If you want to simply select the white postpartum girdle style, I think the “Less is more” wear rules may be more suitable for you, because it is very significant temperament very figure. Let me recommended to everyone today is a white postpartum belt with a shirt, because the white is the simplest color, and very wild, to grasp the following four wear law, you can also be so explicit temperament, pay attention to when you buy abdominal belt after normal delivery To consider your waist and body, so as to pick the right to your own abdomen.

For postpartum mothers, the white postpartum belt is definitely the most wild single product, for the summer, wearing a white abdomen and a white shirt, with a pair of jeans or denim shorts can be very reflected Your body If you do not want to pierce the passers-by feeling, some exquisite accessories can make you become high-level foreign up, such as beautiful bags, sunglasses, watches and so on.
In hot weather, a breathable white compression band for stomach plus a white jacket is absolutely breathable and sexy Oh! best girdle after giving birth can make your waist more detailed, coupled with a white jacket with a dark shorts, fresh and sexy!

We all know that blouses and high waist underwear is a common and high way to wear out, but for mothers, if you do not wear postpartum support, you will show a bit fat, so keep in mind that. If such a match will appear high and elegant.

White postpartum bodyshapers is a single product you can not ignore, really good styling to wear, especially when you wear tight clothes, long shapwear is more practical, I believe you will love it. postpartum compression garments with a focus on the details of some sense, such as such a small belt embellishment becomes very delicate. You can also make the white shirt naturally drooping, this time need to roll pants and high heels blessing, so it looks more a figure.

Recommended with white post pregnancy belt

How to mix and choose white postpartum abdominal belt after normal delivery?

  • Name:Cotton 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Girdle Belt – Recovery Belly/waist/pelvis Belt Shapewear
  • SKU:JSO80933
  • Color:White
  • Category:3 in 1 postpartum belt, 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdle
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Shapewear,Need to thin people.
  • Gender:Female
  • Waist type:shapwear
  • Fabric:Cotton


By Marcia Louisa:

I recommend this to all the women that just had a baby. It is also very comfortable, and adjustable.Good tool for recovery after abdominal surgery.

By Spencer:

Definitely feel more support after my c section wearing this item. It gives me support and helps stack my spine properly. Nice fit and comfortable.

By Susana Lopez:

It is perfect. With clothes under it or with out clothes under it. Fits really good and it covers the entire body shape. I love it. It is worth every penny spend on it.

ByLee Graham:

I really love this wrap! Nicely made, the material is soft and breathable,Very supporting, comfortable while standing,Very easy to use and adjust.

By suhui chen:

I hate wrap can scratchy my skin I had one before during my first pregnancy recovery. This it support me go back normal shape of my body. I went ahead and bought it anyway because I figured that even if I didn’t like it that it was a third of the price of the belly bandit. Well I gave birth to my baby boy, and I am currently 4 days postpartum. I am now 180 lbs. hope this helps others. Thank you.


By Molly:

This is exactly what postpartum wraps should be. Three options for support and adjustable! I’ve used a binder post partum before and after a week it wasn’t tight enough any more and was just one rectangle piece of elastic.
This wrap was tight and supportive to my current body, which means postpartum it will be even better!


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