YoYo Girdle After Birth Belly Wrap : How to keep fit when pregnant

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Most of the time, want to quickly restore the body during pregnancy began to maintain a good physical condition, we meet the daily nutritional needs at the same time, can achieve a better physical condition, we look around these female stars will know.
In the first three months of pregnancy is just early reaction period, many pregnant women will be nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, breast pain and other symptoms, even severe vomiting, ready to spit, resulting in acid poisoning, need to be hospitalized. At this stage, pregnant women should gradually adapt to the existence of a new life in the body, all their inherent living habits and work order has been disrupted, there will be psychological anguish and grievances. At this stage, women tend to lose weight or not grow.

YoYo Girdle After Birth Belly Wrap : How to keep fit when pregnant
When pregnant three months after the disappearance of pregnant women in early pregnancy reaction, appetite, slowly micro tripe Ting, a mother’s pride arise spontaneously, in order to unborn baby healthy growth, many pregnant women take what what what what is the nutritional delicious, eat, weight straight up. Many pregnant women to the middle of the sugar screening will find gestational diabetes, and large appetite is pregnant women tend to be hungry for a while, obesity is inevitable. When the child is born, in order to have milk to provide the child, commonly known as “milk child’s mother, a load of eight”, but also a large number of eating high-fat, high sugar, high calorie diet, further obesity. This process is the source of obesity, and it’s harder to lose excess fat.
During pregnancy, we can try all of the following ways, helping us maintain our body shape and shape.


Habit 1: close your hips and walk quickly
Brisk walking is the most suitable weight-loss exercise for pregnant mothers. If you walk with a slightly larger stride than you normally do, you can gain better fat and fat effects while tightening your hips during walking. Better yet, it’s good to give birth to your hips, feet and thighs every day.
Habit two: abdominal breathing for 5 minutes
Abdominal breathing is very important for burning visceral fat. It can help you keep the Zang Fu organs healthy, prevent excessive fat at the waist and abdomen, and exercise the muscles of the waist and lower abdomen. It is good for the delivery after birth. In addition, as long as the abdominal breathing 5 minutes per hour, you can make your body’s metabolism in the next few hours, 10 times faster, is conducive to discharge the body’s metabolic toxins.
Habit three: reasonable low salt diet
Eating less salt in your diet will not only help you relieve stress in your cardiovascular system, but also help prevent and ease edema and fat accumulation during pregnancy. The nutritionist’s advice is to control the daily intake of salt in less than 1 teaspoons (about 5 grams). If you think the taste of food is too light, you can use olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and other spices to flavor it.
In addition to these accidents, good eating habits are also very important, in the late pregnancy, only 300 calories per day more than normal.
From the diet, eat more protein foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk and other sugary foods, eat fruit, eat only one, the other fruit tomato, cucumber, pepper instead. Drinks and fruit juices are not served. Milk, soy milk and sugar are not allowed.
The grain to grain, every day not more than 5-6 two, bread, biscuits, cakes, chocolate ice-cream, popsicles, do not eat. In the diet we also emphasize to eat varieties, such as eating, we can make the grain of rice, the red beans, millet, rice, rice, corn residue together to cook, eat porridge can take turns to put some red dates, chestnuts, yam, medlar and tremella, mung beans, red beans, soybeans, black beans, sesame, walnut and so on.
You can eat vegetables due to eat more fresh vegetables, eat green vegetables, whole grains contain a large number of plant protein and various vitamins, vitamins and folic acid and a lot of vegetables, nuts contain protein and trace elements, low density fatty acid on the fetus and pregnant women are good food. The standard of living is high, what can eat, but must follow the one side of the water way, due to eat is good for children.


Physiological structure change
(1) endocrine changes: during pregnancy, female hypothalamic gonadal dysfunction occurs temporarily, leading to imbalance of fat metabolism and obesity.
(2) pregnancy: from the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid weight increases, accounting for about half of the total weight of women’s postpartum increase, that is, if the weight gain in pregnancy, the more postpartum fat may be more.
(3): edema during pregnancy, uterine enlargement is a force, causing the body circulation venous obstruction, the formation of different degrees of edema of pregnancy; delivery and postpartum massive blood back to the circulatory system, causing postpartum body swelling.
Postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation
From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the biggest cause of postpartum obesity is abdominal muscle relaxation. Pregnant women in the course of pregnancy in October, abdominal load increased. The liver becomes weak and the fascia becomes weak. Therefore, after the birth of the child, the stomach will be like an elastic rubber band, it is difficult to restore the status quo. Not only does it cause abdominal swelling, but also the uterus and vagina lose their original toughness and elasticity.
New mom how to lose weight correctly?
Postpartum diet needs more attention, should try to eat some sweets, eat a healthy diet, nutritional supplements and should avoid eating too much greasy nourishing food.
Appropriate adjustment postpartum mood, cheerful mood is also conducive to restoration of shape. After two months of reasonable diet, two months after proper exercise. Achieve diet and exercise combined, 4 months postpartum ~6 months, is the golden age of postpartum weight loss, diet can not relax, you can eat more high nutrition, low calorie foods, but can not reduce the intake of liquids. You can increase the range of motion appropriately.

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