Postpartum how to use the postpartum bands for tummy post belly wrap with better effect

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Splanchnic prolapse makes women prematurely senile, can also lead to the lower abdomen bulge, so frequently to tie the corset during nursing, at the same time of adjusting the curve of the body, also can prevent the splanchnic prolapse. Bellyband should also be careful to choose, because some of the corset not only failed to prevent the efficacy of splanchnic prolapse, it will cause internal oppression, result in maternal blood not unobstructed, causing difficulty in breathing or formation of lower abdominal convex shape. So, you also need to be careful when the choose and buy the postpartum belly band, never careless to buy inferior products.

Belly Wrapping After Delivery Baby Birth Belly Wrap Postpartum Compression Wrap
Belly Wrapping After Delivery Baby Birth Belly Wrap Postpartum Compression Wrap

Traditional the corset is a breathable absorbent white cotton cloth, about 9 meters long and 14 cm wide (the old man and the traditional Chinese medicine suggested that bind the corset can be achieved to help the function of the internal return, in the Angle of western medicine thinks generally the corset clip that the market is more convenient, effect is the same).

Its correct bound method is as follows:

(1) lie on your back, lie on your back, knee, foot flat on the bed, hips up.

(2) both hands from lower abdomen, palm down to push, massage to the heart.

(3) push out and picked up the Postpartum Belly Wrap Band from start winding hip pubic place, 5 ~ 7 laps before the key repeat next abdominal wound, then each lap over about 2 cm high from down to up around until over navel, fixed with a paper clip. Remove the edge split edge will corset coil into cylinder, convenient to use next time. (if you use the corset, its first two steps are the same, QQ is the buckle from down to up.)

In general, women in addition to sleep time, it is better to tie all day epigastric zone, so can really reach the effect of thought; When towed alongside the corset, of course, there is also a need to pay attention to the items:

Postpartum how to use the postpartum bands for tummy post belly wrap with better effect

(1) in the morning, easy to wash and dress, probably immediately tied to the belt.

(2) to fasten the corset before lunch and dinner.

(3) to the corset will be removed before take a sponge bath, but wipe immediately tied back after a shower.

(4) before sleep: renal bellyband removed, placed by the bed and set aside.

(5) remove the corset, down to side, in order to use the next day.

(6) in the summer because it is more easily perspire so can mat towel before binding bellyband, sweat until after the change.

Gauze abdominal belt after delivery cleaning method:

1, bound with receipt, please put bound with boiled water heating 15 minutes disinfection, because do bind belt material is a new cotton, also need heating cooking in boiling water, boil the crop, in order to increase ties with absorbent.

2, it is best to hand wash, because pure cotton products more wash the water absorption, the more soft, especially a few times before use, easy to wash the old for hand washing gauze, and knead by hand pinch of can wash cotton can be more washed away the old. So, please expectant fathers and dads initiative to undertake the task.

The corset ribbon bound method and disassembly method: a. lie on your back, lie on your back, put your knees up, feet flat on the bed, knee above thigh part at right angles to the abdomen as far as possible; Hips up, and in two hip pad under the post pregnancy belly wrap.

B. his hands on the lower abdomen, palm forward, and will be internal to the direction of the “heart” massage, held high

C. in 2 sections of tie, from hipbone tied to the navel, to 12 laps, overlapping, 7 laps before every round 1 and a half “obliquely” (obliquely to the corset side to the other, and then continue to be bound, obliquely parts as your hips), five laps after each lap to move up 2 cm high, spiral bound up, after the last cover navel with safety pins into can and will take the lead

D. every time must be bound foot 12 laps, if 6 supplied with three bellyband into two to use

E. is too thin, hip is outstanding, the corset can’t stick to belly, must first mat towel before binding bellyband

F. when removed must dismantle, side roll back to solid round shape. Set aside

The postpartum corset, remove time from us

1, up in the morning, after the wash and dress, convenient, the bundle of the abdomen.

2, if the corset loose before lunch and dinner, which must be removed to bind again after dinner.

3, taking a bath, the corset will be removed before: after the bath then tighten the corset.

4, the corset will be removed before falling asleep. Set aside. Gauze abdomen with strong permeability and sweat absorption, is conducive to help restore the postpartum uterus, help the abdomen as soon as possible back to the dimension of the prenatal and status; Good supporting effect for postpartum frail body, prevent and improve back pain caused by production, breast-feeding, fatigue; Helping to reduce stretch marks; To prevent postpartum splanchnic prolapse, protection after cesarean section scar, prevent the friction, pain, will help the healing of the wound. Natural birth and cesarean section, 2 days later began to use natural labor, cesarean section with in 7 days.

Commonly postpartum mothers were as big as 4 months pregnant, and then to lactation recover more slowly, how to make the figure as soon as possible to restore to the level before pregnancy, had to use good gauze the corset! Aim the mother body recovery is very important! Should use quality medical absorbent gauze, has excellent permeability and water absorption (sweat), use comfortable, safe, to the production of sandbags belly, fat waist and big ass, uterine prolapse has excellent improvement effect, etc. The corset function: prevent splanchnic prolapse (corset is not applicable to the limits generally), shrink abdomen, stomach, help restore slender figure. Product description: the characteristics of white gauze with manufacturing, quality of a material soft, abdomen with its certain bound method, the general corset or corset with qualitative material hard, not only failed to prevent the effect of splanchnic prolapse, are more likely to oppression to the internal organs to produce internal variant or bilge gas, causing difficulty in breathing or lower abdominal outstanding shape. Use of production opportunity to adjust the postpartum support belt size, or improve physical symptoms, is a very important opportunity, so a lot of people will in the meantime, with gauze to abdomen, reach the purpose of adjusting size!

Usage: for maternal own homework, because they don’t wear pajamas, appressed skin (first put pants on again after tie up the corset), easy to sweat, every article must prepare 2-4 to replace warm prompt: during the period of nursing must pay special attention to prevent the splanchnic prolapse, because for all the splanchnic prolapse may “abnormal” and “getting” root cause, and will thus lower abdomen, so must frequently during nursing binding bellyband to pull in your stomach

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