It is too Late 40 days after birth to use yoyo postpartum belt or shapewear?

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Women childbirth figure will have significant change, especially the waist abdomen proud flesh, and difficult to deduction, so everyone will use some minus the proud flesh of abdominal weight loss tool, such as everyone is commonly used to collect the belly wraps for post pregnancy. If the Normally is postpartum 42 days after the finish of department of gynaecology use more appropriate, but there are experts say after childbirth, uterus started to recover, in about ten days or so can drop into the pelvis, but 6 weeks to return to normal size. And fixed ligament of the uterus and because of overstretching during pregnancy, than just before childbirth relaxation with postpartum belly band.

Belly Bands For After Birth Pregnancy Postpartum Tummy Belt Wraps For Stomach
Belly Bands For After Birth Pregnancy Postpartum Tummy Belt Wraps For Stomach

Vaginal and pelvic floor support organization, due to the excessive stretching, expansion of childbirth and damage, make its flexibility drops can’t fully recover to prenatal condition, the influence of the pregnant uterus expands, postpartum abdominal relaxation,using maternity belt after delivery about 6 to 8  recovery. Normal puerperium in, not only does nothing to restore the abdominal wall tension, due to the increased abdominal pressure, and produce after pelvic support tissue and ligaments drops to support of the reproductive organs, cause uterine prolapse, uterine tilting after severe flexion, before and after vaginal wall surfaces, etc. Because of the reproductive organs of the normal position change, make the pelvic blood flow, resistance to drop, easy cause pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, pelvic blood stasis syndrome and other gynecological diseases, serious influence maternal health with postpartum tummy band.

It is too Late 40 days after birth to use yoyo postpartum belt or shapewear?

The matters needing attention with post pregnancy belly band in post pregnancy tummy belt:

Natural birth after 7 days, if a new mother needs to be more vigorous activity or early return to work, also can use belly in a short period of time. In an hour or two, but should solve, make lumbar abdomen to relax for a while.

Buy when you receive the corset, should pay attention to the postpartum corset products selected material is qualitative soft, permeability is strong, in half an hour after a meal, every day wear after micturition, before bedtime. If the natural birth a week after the new mother needs vigorous activity or the early return to work, also can be used in a short period of time to receive the corset, but after an hour or two should be solved, let the abdomen to relax.

Postpartum weight matters needing attention by using postpartum belly wrap.

One, pay attention to the speed reducing weight

When many mothers see their bodies, are trying to lose weight quickly. In order to lose weight really is what methods are trying to, will be on a radical way to lose weight. There are a lot of mummy also choose high strength movement, reduce feeding. Although thin out that can let you satisfactory results, but it is easy to cause harm to the body, so trying to lose weight at the same time, it is important to note that rhythm to lose weight.

Two and a half, postpartum years the best time to lose weight

Given birth to a child of six months is the best time to lose weight, if can seize the moment in the six months to heal in a prenatal, you do not have to worry about lost her figure will be later. In the critical period of losing weight, therefore, new mother should both diet and exercise, so as to thin quickly.

Three, postpartum 42 days can’t go on a diet,but you can use full body girdle.

42 days, new mothers body is still in a state of weak, if blindly to go on a diet at this time, will let the body signal strong crisis, and new mothers will become very weak because of the lack of adequate nutrition supplies, finally will not have the purpose of reduce weight, and can let oneself of various disease, serious threat to their health in the future. In postpartum 42 days, therefore, the best diet method reducing weight is to eat a balanced diet, and eat more vegetables and fruits. This will let the extra fat quickly consumed in metabolism.

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