How to use gauze postpartum girdle?

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How do you use the gauze belly in best post baby belly wrap? Abdomen is postpartum women most likely to cause the deformation of the body, not only affect beautiful, postpartum body deformation and many diseases of the break up. How to use the gauze postpartum belt in take?

Post C Section Girdle Abdominal Compression Postpartum Belly Band Wrap After Delivery
Post C Section Girdle Abdominal Compression Postpartum Belly Band Wrap After Delivery

Wide type gauze belly in take, also use for a long time to receive the corset, can lead to poor blood, waist is too tight, cause uterine prolapse, so the belly in belt should be in half an hour after a meal, every day wear after micturition, before bedtime. Pay attention to distinguish, can’t wear, 24 hours a day after cesarean section should be in the bath, eating, sleeping, when it is best to remove, attention should be paid to guarantee the belly in cleaning, when used to clean once a week or so, but be careful not to use the washing machine to wash, easy to cause deformation. Natural birth after using the corset, reasonable use of the corset after natural birth and has great effect on postpartum body recovery.

Women want to stay slim, the shape, the water in the best belly wrap after pregnancy in general what time?

1, just can use after natural birth mother confined belly in belt, some mother think that natural birth after abdominal no wound, so can be used immediately to receive the corset, actually otherwise. Mom abdomen still has a lot of blood after childbirth, gas and other fluids, need natural excreted out through the body’s circulation, if early to use bind belt will only limit the circulation of blood in the body is very bad for the body lochia, more conducive to smooth breath, is not good for viscera restore. In addition, early efforts to use abdominal belt after delivery in zones will also effect from the top of the pelvis, could force soft outside pelvis, expansion and is not conducive to the recovery of the pelvis. Therefore suggested that natural birth mother should began using pelvic after postpartum body restore good correction tape, after 1 months later, use natural birth again to accept the post maternity corset, help shape.

How to use gauze postpartum girdle?

2, after cesarean section immediate use of cesarean section dedicated to the corset, fixed the wound After cesarean section abdominal viscera affected by invasive surgery, postoperative require immediate use of cesarean section dedicated to receive the corset, fixed, promote wound healing, prevent splanchnic prolapse. At this point, the more effects belly in take care toning effect, so mom in cesarean section of choose and buy when you receive the corset, avoid by all means is used to tighten sizes, but more should choose breathable performance is good, wear comfortable, and can according to the position of cesarean section cut and recovery degree, free to adjust tightness of cesarean section dedicated to receive the corset. At the same time, also can synchronization using pelvic correct belt to help restore the pelvis to prenatal size as soon as possible.

3, whether natural or caesarean birth mother, as early as in the post-natal 6 weeks to 6 months later, can be in accordance with the personal need to adopt enhanced the post maternity belly wrap.

Method of collection of gauze postpartum girdle in belt:

Gauze of belly in ribbon bound method? Adopted to use gauze bandage spiral wound in belly in effect, in order to achieve good use can be reached a certain postpartum shapewear in effect, that how to?

1, first prepare gauze roll, a safety pin, generally buy gauze when the seller will send you pin.

2, lie on your back, lie on your back, knees, feet flat on the bed, above the knee of the thigh part at right angles to the abdomen as far as possible; Hips up, and to support the hips on a mat.

3, his hands on the lower abdomen, palm forward, and to internal organs to massage, hold high the direction of the heart, this action can help prolapse of uterus in situ.

4, from the pubic bone tied to the navel, to 12 laps, overlapping, 7 laps before each round 1 and a half to obliquely.

5, obliquely to the corset in the side to the other, and then continue to be bound, obliquely part of your hips, five laps after each lap to move up 2 cm high, spiral bound up.

6, after the last cover navel with safety pins into can, and will take the lead time should be bound foot 12 laps, if 6 supplied with three bellyband into two to use.

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