Do you need to use yoyo compression garment after c section with your baby?

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For the new mother after cesarean section, postpartum timely use of abdominal belly can play a hemostasis. To promote the role of wound healing, therefore, abdominal as cesarean section after the auxiliary rehabilitation supplies, recommended by clinicians. At the same time, abdominal belts can effectively bind abdominal fat, to a certain extent, to achieve the purpose of the body. However, the efficacy of the belly in this area is limited, because it can not reduce the abdominal fat can not restore the elasticity of abdominal muscles.

Postpartum Girdle After C Section Abdominal Binder Postnatal Corset Postpartum Belt
Postpartum Girdle After C Section Abdominal Binder Postnatal Corset Postpartum Belt

sometimes. Belly use improper but will be bad for the health of the new mother. Due to pregnancy when the pelvic ligaments and connective tissue by the pregnant uterus excessive traction, easily lead to postpartum relaxation, if the belly stretched too tight, it will significantly increase the intra-abdominal pressure, affect appetite, severe cases will also cause internal reproductive organs Sagging, such as vaginal anterior and posterior wall bulging, uterine prolapse, etc., to the new mother’s life brings a lot of inconvenience. There is postpartum urinary incontinence and other phenomena.
Therefore, the rational use of abdominal 2017 postpartum girdle is very important, it is recommended that the new mothers use belly when the early use, intermittent use, elastic fit, so as to play its most effective function.

Why postpartum to take belly

Postpartum mother must wear for their own belly band to help the body to support the internal organs, otherwise, it is easy to cause visceral ptosis, visceral ptosis mainly due to physical weakness, body organization, ligament elasticity weakened, the internal organs do not support the role , The main organs are: stomach, kidney, uterus, liver; stomach ptosis mainly in the diet immediately after the abdomen filling feeling, the stomach faint pain; kidney ptosis mainly in hematuria, proteinuria; uterine prolapse Performance in the lower abdomen with a sense of bulging, gynecological diseases; liver ptosis mainly in the liver area faint pain. After delivery due to maternal weakness, the body of the ligament elasticity can not be immediately restored, it is easy to produce visceral ptosis, it is recommended to use abdominal belly to prevent visceral ptosis, postpartum 2 weeks, the proposed maternal appropriate walking, to ensure adequate time for bed rest time ; Visceral ptosis mainly occurs in the body fat is relatively small women and older people; a lot of women under the abdomen after the birth of a few months after the phenomenon of uplift with the visceral sagging, there is the reason for postpartum exercise. Suggested during the month to adhere to the best postpartum belly wrap, the child after the period of exercise, the best exercise method is to do sit-ups!
“Does the use of belly belts cause intestinal adhesions?”

Do you need to use yoyo compression garment after c section  with your baby?
Proper use of the belly band, not only does not cause intestinal adhesions, but also help to shrink the abdomen and waist circumference, prevent gastroptosis. In reducing the back pain at the same time, abdominal belts also help to maintain the normal function of the uterus and pelvic floor, to maintain a beautiful curve.
“Underwear and belt-style abdominal belt after delivery, which is better?”
There are many types of belly belts, there are elastic type, underwear type, belt type, but the basic principles are the same, are made of high elastic rubber, by pressing the belly fat in a small range to maintain Body curve. Belt-style belly belt is the main function of abdomen, and underwear-style hip effect.
To see which is good, the key is the purpose you use. Sometimes use the effect is not good, not the problem itself, but rather whether you use it correctly.

What are the side effects of abdomen? “

Abdominal belts are usually used in long-term, long-term use, will bring some side effects. The study found that 24 hours a day and long-term use of abdomen with harmful health. Mainly lead to blood circulation disorders, especially the inferior vena cava resistance increased, induced lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and other illnesses.
In addition, due to arterial incontinence, vascular blood supply capacity is limited, will lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart. The greater the pressure will also affect the intestinal tract, so that after eating bowel movements become slow, resulting in decreased appetite or constipation.
“When the belly belt with the right?
The most critical point for proper use of the post pregnancy belly band is the use of time.
On a day, the abdomen should be used during the day, the correct use of the method: half an hour after a meal, after the urine emptied to wear belly, half an hour before meals to remove it. Be sure to remove the belly band before going to bed at night
How long to use the belly, need to be based on the different circumstances of each person, the individual difference is large, preferably under the guidance of the competent doctor, do not advocate long-term use.
“Can a fat man use a belly?”
Generally believed that the thin body with a relatively safe belly. Body more fat people, the more the early use of abdominal belly, so as to avoid the body is difficult to restore. But have to remember, can not long-term, long time to use postpartum corset

The choice of the postpartum belly belt

Most of the experts believe that maternity maternity should be done by strengthening the exercise to restore the body, such as leg lift, sit-ups and maternal exercise, and should not rely on the belly band. It is difficult to achieve immediate results. ”
“However, if the cesarean section can be used immediately after surgery .This is not only conducive to the restoration of the body, but also through the local tightening oppression, to prevent incision bleeding .After the recovery of the peristalsis, the abdomen can also play a protective incision, Reduce the role of abdominal pain, easy to get out of bed activities, but also conducive to the recovery of the uterus in the abdomen after the stitches, the belly of the wound also has a barrier effect.
“However, even cesarean section, it is not long-term use, generally only within 7 days after surgery, after the maternal exercise can be done to help the body to restore.”

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