where can i buy a post pregnancy girdle and how to use yoyo postpartum belly corset

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Caesarean section, under normal circumstances are in a flat sleep state, if this time when the maternal lying no other special state, then the general health care workers do not let maternal time to use the belly band, but when the maternal to start activities, will inevitably turn over or Urine or the like, or the next day to get out of bed activities, walking around, you can use the belly band. Special attention is that the first time before getting out of bed, in order to avoid moving to the wound, this time must use the belly band, this is very important.

where can i buy a post pregnancy girdle and how to use yoyo postpartum belly corset
Caesarean section after the abdomen with what time
Shop postpartum girdle Abdominal is to help postpartum mother to restore the body of a good helper, under normal circumstances, along the birth, abortion can be used the same day, caesarean section after the use of wound healing. Such as For some time to use the belly band, then it is recommended to add a reinforced Kampo paste. Postpartum abdomen with the correct use of time: abdomen should be half an hour after a meal, after urination to wear, before bed to remove, wear time should not be more than 8 hours a day.
Postpartum abdomen with pelvis
Whether the mother is a natural childbirth or laparotomy, their pelvis will be increased because of hormones widened, that natural childbirth to prepare. The study found that 42 days postpartum female hormone has not yet reduced, pelvic still has good plasticity. Therefore, within 42 days postpartum timely application of appropriate external force on the pelvis, can effectively help the pelvis to return to prenatal state. In other words, and female abdominal recovery state is different from the pelvis only in the month of this period of time to effectively reply.
Therefore, whether it is natural childbirth or caesarean section of the mother, after 2 days postpartum, as long as the feeling is good, you can start using pelvic correction zone. Pelvic band is different from the general abdomen, it uses a lower position, the role is appropriate to exert inward pressure on the pelvis to promote its recovery as soon as possible.

Postpartum Belly Band After C Section Abdominal Binder Postnatal Corset Postpartum Support Belt
Postpartum Belly Band After C Section Abdominal Binder Postnatal Corset Postpartum Support Belt


Use the benefits of the belly band
After childbirth due to postpartum body weakness, the body of the ligament elasticity did not immediately resume, it is easy to produce visceral ptosis. The main organs are: stomach, kidney, uterus, liver. Gastroptosis mainly manifested in the diet immediately after the abdomen filling feeling, the stomach faint pain; kidney ptosis mainly in hematuria, proteinuria; uterine prolapse mainly in the small abdomen with a sense of bulge; liver ptosis mainly in the liver faint pain. Therefore, the proposed postpartum mother must wear their own postpartum support belt to help the body to support internal organs. For the new mother after the caesarean section, postpartum timely use of abdominal belts can also play a hemostatic, and promote the role of wound healing.
In addition, the fat within six months after delivery is flow, this time is the best time to reshape the shape, reasonable with the abdomen for the recovery of postpartum shape has a huge impact.
Long-term use of the postpartum shapewear of the disadvantages
Long-term use of abdominal belly, will lead to poor blood, which led to lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and so on. In addition, the postpartum waist is too tight, but also cause increased abdominal pressure, so that the support of the genital ligament decreased, causing uterine prolapse, uterine backward torsion, vaginal anterior wall or posterior wall swelling, and easy to induce pelvic Venous congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases.

In order to nurture new life, mother’s abdominal muscles were stretched, abdominal skin was distraction, pelvic will be widened. Some mothers in the month on the abdomen without control, laissez-faire, and some are eager to abdomen, postpartum a few days to rush to use the belly band. In fact, these two extreme practices are not conducive to the recovery of postpartum abdomen. Help postpartum abdomen to restore, to properly use the postpartum girdle for sale.
Caesarean section after the use of ordinary belly or gauze belly?
Gauze belly belly in recent years, a new abdomen, is the ordinary gauze to be processed, it becomes a belly band. Compared with the traditional belly belly, gauze belly with a breathable and softer characteristics. However, when the gauze to help the belly, the process of some trouble, the need for family help, or their own but not a small project, tied gauze belly belly process is a consumption of physical, weight loss process Oh!

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