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Because it is convenient to take the abdominal belt, it is the first choice for many postpartum mothers to lose weight, but it is not a random use postpartum belly band.

postpartum abdominal binder
postpartum abdominal binder

The belly band is available after 3 days

During pregnancy, the uterus becomes large, the abdominal wall relaxes, and the maternal energy is too strong in the case of vaginal birth, which causes the postpartum to become large and the abdominal muscles loose. Therefore, it is beneficial to bring the belt in time after the birth.

But, don’t tie belly in postpartum immediately, because in a short period of time still has a lot of blood, womb vagina will have lochia discharged, early use the corset will limit the body blood circulation, affect the discharge of lochia, it’s best to use postpartum corset on the third day after natural birth.

If, however, postpartum straining feeling was very serious, don’t continue to use the best corset belt, lest make the situation worse, may cause uterine prolapse.

A caesarean section is available 10 days after the caesarean section

A caesarean section is a major injury to a woman’s uterus and a wound in her stomach. Therefore, with the belly in best after wound healing, about more than ten days after delivery, timely help with belly in belt waist abdomen muscle recovery, also can prevent the splanchnic prolapse, prevent wound dehiscence, hemostatic, promote wound healing.

abdominal binder after c section
abdominal binder after c section

However, if used immediately after cesarean section bellyband, will lead to wound infection, fester, itch, especially on a hot summer day, the whole body sweat, sweat will invade the wound, belly in belt tightly wound again, the wound will be pain, itching, seriously affect the physical recovery.

In addition, if the mother body recovering well after cesarean section, is can not accept the corset, especially after take out stitches in the belly, unfavorable also long-term use of the corset.

The bellies can be used in a month after birth

If you want to use the belt after giving birth, it is recommended that you use it after 1 month.

Because the corset or model body underwear have certain pressure to the body to tighten fat and meat, and after abortion is weaker, functions need reoccupy after recovery from natural to more health  abdominal binder post pregnancy inside the body.

Tips on the use of an abdominal belt after birth

The reasonable choice of material

Some bellies are made from chemical fiber, which is stimulative and is not only uncomfortable, but also often accompanied by a bad smell. Also, chemical fiber content is too high, can stimulate skin, too bundle abdomen affects blood circulation.

So, choose to take an abdominal belt to be careful not to follow the wind, the greed diagram is cheap, use inferior abdominal belt easily. It is best to choose soft, flexible and breathable.

The belt should not be tied too tightly

Many postpartum mother eager to restore body, sometimes mistakenly assume that tied the faster is more thin, especially wide heavy corset and gauze bandage, mothers when using the easiest tied too tightly. In fact, with the belly in it is best not to affect normal breathing and eating, with comfortable, can afford to be beautiful, if you seek tight and could not move, it will cause blood circulation disorder and waist muscle disuse atrophy, unfavorable to the waist.

You should not wear the belt too long

Some postpartum mothers, in order to increase their abdomen, choose to wear a belting band 24 hours a day. In fact, it’s very unscientific. The abdomen is used for too long, can seriously affect the circulation of the blood, limit the activity of the psoas muscle and the back of the abdomen, potentially cause the dangerous of the waist acid, hemorrhoids and so on.

Generally speaking, the time of a day to be tied up to the abdomen should not be more than 8 hours. Also, it is better to lie in bed or sit on a break when the bed activity is tied up. Normally, the belt should be taken 30 minutes after the meal, after urination, and taken off before bed.

The belt is not necessarily a bellied post natal belt

Indeed, the belly band can be used for the muscles of the abdomen and the pelvis and pelvic floor to help women recover. However, to be clear, this may be a helpful belt-belt, which is not the same as the high-elastic bellies that are common on the market. The high elastic bundle of the abdomen that is on the market is not suitable for postpartum mother, can affect the circulation of blood instead.

Bellyband in hospitals use generally for pure cotton cloth, have many cloth belt on both sides, to below the breasts, and the pubic, on both sides of the overlapping winding alternately, spiral upwards, with safety pin or knot finally fixed.

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