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The question of recovery after caesarean section is that caesarean section is critical to the use of the special Postpartum Belly Wrap Band.

abdominal binder after pregnancy
abdominal binder after pregnancy

I also finish operation, the doctor to use, the hospital is picked, is to help heal the wound, nursing has been useless, month sister-in-law said 42 days to just can use after reset of the uterus, profile control of the use of the corset is not good for wound healing, until 2 months later, intermittent, uncomfortable, effect is not big, sad ah, now more than 5 months, as long as the day Yin wound is uncomfortable.

A caesarean section is open. Can you return postpartum belly belt?


Your monthly guidance is wrong. You should use a c-section for the healing of the wound and the recovery of the uterus.

postpartum girdle c section is also normal for the pain to be painful.

Is there a lot of mothers who have a caesarean section? Let’s take a look

Wounds and pain.

After surgery, between one and two days, the pain in the wound, and the pain associated with the contractions of the uterus, can sometimes feel very painful. After the third day or so, it seems that most people will be able to move around like mothers of natural childbirth. Each person’s body is different, and the pain lasts for a long time. But it is said that two weeks or so will be less painful, and it will be reassuring. After this period, it is said that some people feel itchy, and some people feel the pain when the weather is bad.

Will a c-section leave a scar?

I am in putuo penetration is born of the vertical blade with 10 cm, long a, edge concave down, on both sides of the belly meat bulging, postpartum support belt looks very scary, I don’t know to restore our flat?


Do c-sections leave scars? It’s a problem that many women care about. Special note: the use of a special abdominal belt after caesarean section helps heal the wound and helps reduce scarring.

The obvious and inconspicuous condition of the scar is shown by the different choice of the cut method. With the method of vertical cutting, the fetus can quickly, during surgery doctor’s view is broad, this is the advantage of vertical cutting, crosscutting, scar is not so conspicuous. In addition, some people have red bumps on their skin, and a swelling (scar). It is said that skin care and cream can be used to prevent it. As for the scars, because everyone’s constitution is different, post natal beltis a big difference. The mother who is concerned about the scar on the wound is better advised by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Does the period of lactation affect breastfeeding?

I was a c-section, and I wanted to use the belting, but I heard that the belting was affecting the milk secretion. Share your experience! I bought a c-section for the c-section.

The net friend to reply:

I think the most important thing to notice is to often with abdominal belt cleaning, especially cesarean section of the mother, and if breastfeeding mothers may not be the corset too tight, so as not to affect the secretion of milk, this is my discharge from the hospital when the doctor ordered.

It doesn’t matter, but it’s better to wait for the after pregnancy belly wrap wound to be better. I didn’t use it until a month later, and it’s ok now

I also use the belt of the abdomen, the milk is the same.

Answer: you should be able to use DACCO 3 Yang c-section special abdominal belt after operation. Don’t worry about the milk secretion.

Does the use of the belt affect the discharge of the dew?

If be dissection, the hospital is only use a band to help you to fix wound, not be fascicle belt, still want oneself to buy one ah! Yes, I’ve heard about it. Some hospitals will. The teacher of the lecture repeatedly urged not to use the belt! Don’t use it! Can affect the discharge of evil dew!!

Answer: maybe this teacher took the belt as a kind of pinched underwear. If you correctly use the belt not only does not affect the dew, but also reduces the bleeding and helps the dew. After giving birth, the uterus begins to contract, ready to return to its original size. And what works here is the bellies. Keeping your waistline and your abdomen firmly in place can help restore your uterus.

It is said that the use of the abdominal belt by caesarean section will affect the recovery of the wound, especially when it begins to heat.

Answer: that is wrong. If you produce in the summer, it is recommended to use the recovery belt after caesarean section. Cesarean section postoperative rehabilitation with breathable sweat absorption, no oppressed, can accept stomach and without constriction, very suitable for use after the surgery, is a disposable sanitary products, can use time from postpartum to walk.

The primary function of the caesarean section is for uterine recovery. Especially for wound recovery is very important, mainly is fixed muscle, make the wound not to open, so a c-section postoperative abdominal belt is very key to recovery, can enhance the recovery of cesarean section bladder, promote the recovery of wounds. Especially if you get out of bed by caesarean section, the effect will be great. After using the abdominal belt, the abdominal blood is evenly distributed, which promotes the contractions of the uterus and reduces the amount of bleeding. Without the belt, it is easy to open the wound seams and leave a scar.

In addition to helping wound healing and promoting uterine recovery, c-section is also a function of fitness.

The fitness function of the stomach compression band:

Belly in belt to pelvis in postpartum recovery process to develop in the direction of health, that is correct the mother during pregnancy contorts the body, change the waist and abdomen forward or backward incorrect posture. Besides, belly in a free to adjust the firmness, tailored close-fitting, first-class material permeability, scalability, mothers but in time, will flow abdominal fat, reshape the body in the comfortable. Remind to take care of body restore mom, in your belly in carry on postpartum recovery and toning should also pay attention to the postpartum diet and exercise, don’t assume that using the belly in just fine.

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