What is postpartum abdominal support belt after surgery?

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The abdominal support belt after surgery is familiar to many people, especially postpartum women, but many people don’t know much about the function of the bellies, not to mention its internal structure. And now more and more people are paying attention to postpartum health and postpartum recovery, so taking the bellies is the only best way to solve this problem. Many doctors recommend postpartum girdle, but choose products carefully.

As far as I know, many people think corset with just have fitness function, and is used to thin body, maternal when you insist every day wearing can effectively prevent postpartum waist and abdomen fat a method or way. But this understanding is not comprehensive enough and reasonable enough. According to our understanding of, post pregnancy girdle is the most important role is to help women to restore the body, but in the process of recovery contains for the reshaping of the body, dressed in a long time, you will feel slowly come out, if you only wear 1-2 days can not feel..

So what is the postnatal belt? How much do you know about postpartum belt?

Corset belt is also called the belly in belt, through the experience of a lot of people will feel corset with only has the fitness function and thin body, especially for women, but postnatal belly in using physical method is the basic function of complement insufficient muscle strength, and prevent abdominal relaxation, designed to prevent splanchnic prolapse. Therefore, the postpartum belt is different from the normal weight belt, and the postpartum belt is more practical for women, especially for the long term. From the above analysis, we can clearly know the effect of postpartum harvest. So you want to be very useful and it has to have a good understanding of its function.

Science shows that after the postpartum female chooses a good quality bundle of yoyo belt, it is very helpful for postpartum abdominal muscle retraction, pelvic recovery. At the same time, the doctor also suggested that we be practical, for our health and the recovery of the body, suggested the practical high quality of the postpartum girdle.

How to correctly understand the function of yoyo post natal belt?

What is postpartum abdominal support belt after surgery?

In effect, the role of the abdominal belt is not actually to lose weight, but to the internal organs, which can prevent stomach droop and fear of cold. It also prevents the pelvis from expanding, so it has certain maintenance functions. In general, the postpartum body shapers zone has two functions.

As you know, especially pregnant women, the uterus were inverted triangle, the baby after birth, the uterus is empty, internal organs lose support, will be natural prolapse, can appear have rounder stomachs, if you don’t wear corset, move will cause the internal organs, if often walk, more serious consequences. If you wear a strap, you can prevent the entrails from going down so that the abdomen shrinks back down. If it is the bow-drooping shape, it can also be used to improve the body shape. Now everyone knows the importance and necessity of wearing an abdominal belt after pregnancy.

The puerpera can feel very strong when the bone and ligaments in the pelvic area are opened, and if it is produced in time, the crotch can be restored to its original shape.

Therefore, it is suggested that the mother must wear the girdle that suits her, help the body to support the internal organs, promote the recovery of body shape. For new mothers after caesarean section, the timely use of the bellies can also help stop bleeding and promote wound healing.

About YoYo Girdle Reviews:

 By Ambini:

Now I wish I had ordered the belle fit that could be zipped on instead of put over your head! I can’t take this off without help because it’s way too snug!!! I also wish it was a bit longer so it fit closer to my bust. It digs a bit into my ribs especially when bending.

By Nicole:

I have had my postpartum girdle for a week now and notice a flatter stomach after one use. I forgot to take before and after shots of my stomach. I am 2 weeks post partum, if your wondering. I’m happy with my purchase and results. I enjoyed receiving a follow up note from the company. The girdle that I ordered didn’t have a zipper, that was the only downside. Overall, a great product.

By Laura:

I really like this girdle, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day and I love that it doesn’t show through tighter clothing. Customer service called me weeks after I purchased this product to make sure I was satisfied, I spoke to Eunice and I told her my one little concern and she is sending me an extender free of charge so I can feel more comfortable. They really care about their customers which is great. 🙂 I am very happy!

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