Mother postpartum recovery whether to use abdominal binding post c section belly binder

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New mothers postpartum recovery period using the belly, there have been many errors. The use of the belly period is more taboo. Although the use of abdomen with a certain effect, but must be in the correct use of the premise.


Female postpartum use of abdominal physical abdomen is a certain scientific reason, but also by many obstetrics and gynecologists recommended. The use of fine texture of the abdomen, not only can help abort the abdomen, the uterus to restore the old, to prevent visceral ptosis and so can play a positive role, but in the use of postpartum contraction products, there are three terrible problems, will give postpartum mother To bad consequences.

Many new mothers in order to maintain a beautiful shape, just finished the child to wear postpartum girdle support after pregnancy, or put on tight panties, that this can be distracting to recover the hip. This practice is unscientific. Uterine contraction requires a process, immediately waist will cause abdominal pressure increased, causing uterine prolapse, uterine posterior tonic and other symptoms, may lead to pelvic venous blood stasis, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation and so on.

Postpartum abdominal belly of the main role is: to help shrink the waist, to prevent back pain, prevent gastroptosis, while helping to stabilize the uterus and contraction of bone. Is not online rumors of weight loss and weight-loss role. Many people have a certain misunderstanding of the belly, that abdominal post c section belly binder to prevent the role of abdominal relaxation, to maintain the slim body shape. In fact, the recovery of postpartum abdominal muscle tension and exercise and production related to the muscles of a new mother can rely on their own quality to make the abdominal muscles back to normal.

Postpartum Girdle After C Section Abdominal Binder Postnatal Corset Postpartum Belt
Postpartum Girdle After C Section Abdominal Binder Postnatal Corset Postpartum Belt

One, fear of chemical fiber stimulation

If the chemical fiber composition too much, there must be unpleasant bad smell, this product is not only when used uncomfortable, stimulate the skin, but also stimulate the respiratory tract, causing allergies, cough, nasopharynx discomfort, please Note that high-quality belly cotton ingredients to reach more than 60%.

Second, fear of bundling too tight

Especially the use of gauze bandages and too large and bulky belly, the most easy to bundle too tight, not only very uncomfortable, but also affect the blood circulation, and even oppression of the gastrointestinal and viscera. Obstetrics and Gynecology experts believe that too large belly is very unreasonable, heavily armed, tied, people can move it? Normal people can not stand, umbilical above the stomach, squeeze will cause a lot of discomfort. There are both with the belly and pelvic belt, overlapping squeeze pelvis and lower abdomen, squeeze too, more harm than good, in fact, choose a high quality or functional maternity belt after delivery can be completely.

Third, fear of improper use

Some postpartum women eager to achieve the effect, or even 24 hours are using the belly, so bad, will oppress the skin, affecting the blood circulation, the general daily use of 6-8 hours can be used when the tight, not too tight not too Loose, eat and sleep do not use.

Proper use of the postpartum belt can play a certain effect. But the mothers in accordance with the recommendations given by the experts, the use of good quality of the belly, elastic to be suitable for use, to control the time, so naturally produce a certain effect.

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