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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Celebrity postpartum corset


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SKU: T-MYD189923
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  • Name:Celebrity Postpartum Corset
  • SKU:MYD189923
  • Color:Black, Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Material Composition:Polyamide fiber (nylon) 83.7% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 16.3%
  • Style:Hook type
  • pattern:plain
  • season:Four Seasons General
  • Elastic index:high elasticity
  • Softness Index: Very good
  • Breathability index:very breathable
  • Other:plus size postpartum belt
Size Chart
Waistline Weight
M 60-70CM 40-55KG
L 70-80CM 55-65KG
XL 80-90CM 65-75KG
XXL 90-100CM 75-85KG
XXXL 100-110CM 85-95KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

celebrity postpartum corset Reviews

This waist trimmer is awesome. It is visible under clothes so I generally ...
By Tamia
This waist trimmer is awesome. It is visible under clothes so I generally wear it once I get home. It helps to hold me in while I'm cooking dinner or lounging around the house. Since it is not too tight, I'm able to wear post natal belt while going about my day. I'm 5'5 175 lbs | Tag: girdle after giving birth
to work ,make me feel better,and fat belly look like smaller.
By kiwi
belly band very helpful ,my back hurts,when i wrap up to work ,make me feel better,and fat belly look like smaller. | Tag: tummy trimmer belt after pregnancy
By Renee Florio
I absolutely my girdle. I’m seeing great results with it. My only regret is not purchasing one after my other 2 children. The customer service is impeccable and ordering was easy. Would definitely recommend purchasing! | Tag: waist trimmer belt after pregnancy
By amoelvjess
Great! Will recommend to everyone!I like this celebrity postpartum corset | Tag: wearing belt after c section delivery
Fits good
By Shan
The post pregnancy girdle fits fine I had ordered the wrong size but had no problem when getting an exchange for the proper size with understanding how to properly size the postpartum girdle | Tag: belly after c section pictures
I suppose it would work nicely under a loose fitting sweater but it is very ...
By Joel E.on
Perfect Size and best quality | Tag: postpartum girdle covered by insurance
I liked it, it is comfy unlike other support but ...
By Julianon
Of course anything tight you wear is uncomfortable but that's the point of this right. It fit perfectly and loved the fact that I could use just one alone or two together. Definitely can tell with clothes unless you're wearing super loose clothes. It does it's job. After a few weeks I needed something tighter so stopped using it but lended it to a friend who also just had a ba | Tag: postpartum belly wrap malaysia
Great fit. Love it comes in 3 pieces
I initially really liked this wrap, and how I am able to put it on myself, always able to adjust it as my body shrinks down after a c-section. Mine cane with two sets of instructions, which seemed to contradict each other as far as which piece to wear in the first week. I ended up wearing the wrong one to start with, but it still gave me support. I'm now wearing two pieces during the day and three pieces at night. It says to wear the third piece much later, after a few months, however | Tag: post pregnancy belly shapewear
Good product for a fair price.
By Malaskion
It worked well. I had a c-section and got this about a week afterwards. I didn't use it everyday, but would wear it in the afternoon and overnight. It helped my stomach not jiggle around as much when laughing, sneezing, coughing, or just basically moving around. It held everything in tightly. It didn't do much making you look like you were instantly skinny again, do it did stop the excess squish going on. It's bulky so you can really hide it under clothes (I wore it over a tank top too as the material isn't as comfortable on just skin). I'd also prefer it was a little longer. I'm not tall | Tag: post pregnancy girdle nz
Will do the job with no problem!
By Alinaon
It works
By ILoveGod123on
Size wise it was kind of small for me & had trouble breathing at first well with all the pregnancy weight I've gained I should've ordered a bigger one. overall Its a good postpartum support bandSo great for this celebrity postpartum corset | Tag: post pregnancy weight loss band
fits and support as I expected it to just like a
By S.Bon
I ordered this belly band for a friend who is small framed. I tried it on myself before giving it as a gift and it was too big for me (size 4-6 women's pants)- the compression just wasn't tight enough. | Tag: abdominal belt after delivery in bangalore
does not bend when I'm in a seated position like other corsets
By steven atkersonon
Good quality. Exactly what I was looking for. After my c-sec I was looking for something that help me provide some support to my lower abdomen (pelvis). I purchase a couple of support underwear which were good for my abdomen but not for the pelvis. This just provide the perfect support w/o being uncomfortable to wear. | Tag: postpartum belly binding corset
Great for price
By Elizabeth Gregory
DO NOT BUY. I will disclose that I currently weigh 140 pounds after giving birth, I was given a generic girdle size Medium at the hospital (that fits fine), I thought I could find a better one for a decent price, I ordered a Large to be safe after reading reviews. It rolls constantly!! Unless you look like that model after giving birth, don't waste your money, there is another seller that has the same picture up of the same product, for a little less, with worse reviews. I had hoped for some reason that if I purchased this one instead of the cheaper one, I'd get lucky and get something nice. | Tag: postpartum hip support belt
It is exactly what I was looking for if only ...
By J.Bakeron
Searched a lot of belly warps finally found this. It's wonderful. After delivery my tummy is like a sac .. but with this wrap very fast I achieved maximum result. I'm very happy with this product its design nd it's quality everything is excellent. | Tag: postpartum belly belt target
Didn't fit but I'm working on losing so hoping it ...
By Mrs.Rodgerson
I'm fully sure on this product, but it seems to do its job. I have a small waist under my breast area so the bottom section fits a little lose, but the other two are fine. The bottom one sometime tries to roll a bit, but I may need some getting used to it. I got this for a quick throw on and go, when I didn't want to put on a corset. |
BEST post partum wrap for the price!!
By numama2010on
I was so excited to use this item, but was extremely saddened to discover that it did not fit. If I didn't feel bad about weight gain post-baI the best celebrity postpartum corset |
So far I love this product
By Catherine Campbellon
This was small on me, but that may have been an error on my part. It's a super nice quality and I loved it otherwise, it just took a little time before I could fit into it. It absolutely does the job it's supposed to do! |
Awesome for support and slimming after baby
By Rose!!on
Hate it I'm sorry but it's not worth your money. |
Great for price can make very tight
By Sylvia Hodgeson
I like how much you can adjust it |

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