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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Post delivery belly belt india


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SKU: YST18998
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  • Name:Post Delivery Belly Belt India
  • SKU:YST18998
  • Color:Black,Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Shapewear,Need to thin people.
  • Gender:Female
  • Waist type:shapwear
  • Fabric:Nylon
  • Style:Sexy
Size Chart
XS 48-55KG
S 56-60KG
M 61-70KG
L 71-80KG
XL 81-90KG
XXL 91-100KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

post delivery belly belt india Reviews

Good quality, perfect size.
By Colin
Not yet used, but it looks good quality, flexibility and feel are very good, thanks. | Tag: girdle after giving birth
Great product
By vega.marcela7
This girdle is seriously what it says it is. It’s made from reliable and durable material. It’s the finest corset that I have purchased. The price might be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. I have complete faith in this product. | Tag: postpartum c section belly band
This is much better than I think
By yReno
When I open it, This is much better than I think , after my baby was Born,my brlly still big , is ugly, right now I used the stuff 3days. I felled my body helpful, I will keep use it, I want my sexy body comeback! Good price and quality! | Tag: support band after c section
Great belt!
By Audrey Whitlock
Bought this to wear post partum and it is absolutely amazing. Quality material and comfortable wear. I bought one in XL, to wear right after birth and one in M to wear as I get back into shape. I wear for 2 to 4 hours a day and my stomach has flattened significantly over the past 3 weeks. A great buy for the postpartum belly wrap price.I like this post delivery belly belt india | Tag: postpartum support belt for diastasis recti
Amazing AND Affordable!
By panther
This worked soooo well. I started using it immediately postpartum but I didn't wear it all day everyday (per my midwife's suggestion). It's an amazing product AND the least expensive one I found! Don't spend anymore for something else. | Tag: post pregnancy waist training corset
Great Garment
By Eleanor Chavezon
Doesn't fit right, i have wider hips maybe thats why. And its not meant for sensitive skin either. | Tag: best postpartum shapewear australia
Made a difference!
By Eugeneon
The product idea seems to work. The problem I had is that it's a bit small even for the size chart. So it's hard for me to use this product more. I'm pretty sure the right will do what is expected. Material & quality are durable & breathable. | Tag: postnatal shapewear australia
Great if you don't care about your clothes.
By Zabrinaon
Dont buy it. Apparently i have an extra long torso because it does not cover my whole midsection as pictured. I bought it in the size i "needed" and it was small but fits okay now. It was just not wide enough at all. It doesnt stay in place that well either. It rolls and bunches. It is not enough compression, imo. | Tag: postpartum shapewear c section
Does the job
By Mouion
I'm so happy I ordered this postpartum | Tag: post pregnancy belly band uk
Its alright.
By helenon
So far im loving this bra.. im 28 weeks pregnant and everything i wear started becoming uncomfortable but this bra is so comfy, soft, and holds them in place. So far im loving it for sleep or wear around the house. | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap online india
and I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't tight on me
By Sammyon
GREAT QUALITY!!!! I have had many postpartum binders including a Belfit as well as he medical grade binder you receive in the hospital. I am 9 months pregnant and tried this on (loosely of course) and the material is very supportive. I am am able to tell that this product is going to provide a great deal of support.So great for this post delivery belly belt india | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap reviews uk
Great fit. Love it comes in 3 pieces
By Lolaon
It's not made for tall women. I am 6' and the girdle was way too short for my long torso, creating lumps rather than a smooth figure. I returned it. | Tag: post pregnancy belt after c section in india
Ripped at the seams when I got it
By Claireon
This product totally helped my stomach go down more rapidly after having my ba | Tag: belly band safe after c section
4 Stars!
By SHon
I am 5'9 with a long torso and the fit was still great for me!
By suzanne m
Good product for the price. Would repurchase | Tag: girdle for post pregnancy philippines
Great gift for post pardom.
By LilLJStuffon
Just a few comments to hopefully a assist others. |
one at a time
By Djstratton
This is a great postpartum support belt. I waited 6 weeks before I was comfortable using one due to my first C section. This belt does exactly what it's supposed to and it doesn't take long getting comfortable with it on. I wear it over my tank tops since im home most of the day and I wear loose fitting dresses that flow nicely over it. I'm hoping this helps me return to my pre pregnancy size sooner. I will update in a couple months.I the best post delivery belly belt india |
For the price - this is great - gives good back support and not uncomfortable
By Hahnon
At first I was worried it was too small- it didn't fit right after delivering my ba |

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