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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Postpartum belly band australia


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SKU: MYD189923
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  • Name:Postpartum Belly Band Australia
  • SKU:MYD189923
  • Color:Black, Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Material Composition:Polyamide fiber (nylon) 83.7% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 16.3%
  • Style:Hook type
  • pattern:plain
  • season:Four Seasons General
  • Elastic index:high elasticity
  • Softness Index: Very good
  • Breathability index:very breathable
Size Chart
Waistline Weight
M 60-70CM 40-55KG
L 70-80CM 55-65KG
XL 80-90CM 65-75KG
XXL 90-100CM 75-85KG
XXXL 100-110CM 85-95KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

postpartum belly band australia Reviews

Looks great and I like the multiple steps there are for ...
By Book loving teacher.
Can't review girdle for stomach yet because I'm still pregnant! Looks great and I like the multiple steps there are for shaping in increments with postpartum | Tag: after delivery belt for mother
By Janette Tolentino
This is great postpartum girdle really helps shrink your waistline. Very pleased with this product started off with a large &now at 4 weeks down to a medium. Would def recommend . | Tag: wrapping stomach after giving birth
It's amazing my waist and stomach are going back to what ...
By Rina
I started wearing the belly fit 5 days after having my baby and I saw improvements within 3 days already!!! It's amazing my waist and stomach are going back to what it was before thanks to belly fit!! | Tag: tummy belt after c section delivery
starsreturned it, way too tight and I am a ...
By Beth
returned it, way too tight and I am a small person. Also found it was a bit more complicated to fasten than just a regular recovery belt. Went with a simpler one.I like this postpartum belly band australia | Tag: belt to reduce tummy after pregnancy
By Arina Sabrina
Preparing for my second baby. Looks well designed. Hope it works. | Tag: girdles that flatten the stomach
I don't ever like to purchase things online
By Kathy Ortizon
My wife purchased this after having her second c-section and it has really helped with her recovery. The breathable material helps keep you cool, especially in a hot texas summer. She is 3 weeks post ba | Tag: postpartum girdle comparison
Great support belt
By veronica reyeson
Feels great ! Not sure if it helped but sure gave me support | Tag: postpartum support girdle by gabriella
Find something else.
By HMCon
Amazing for c section support. Not only for core but the extra straps are great for your back! | Tag: postpartum belly band philippines
can leave marks on skin if pulled too tight (suggest to loosen bands for a more comfortable fit for less irritation)
By Natalie Snyderon
I wouldn't want new moms to overuse this girdle, I would suggest only wearing it during the day or whenever it best helps. It's a good idea to let your tummy and incision breathe a bit or to at least loosen it a lot while sleeping. And consult your doctor about how you should safely use a girdle if you're experiencing a lot of incision pain. | Tag: post pregnancy corset singapore
Felt good to have that compression on my stomach while swelling ...
By Zabrinaon
I can't wear it put of the house, it is to big even under my clothes. I can't sit in it or it rolls. It is super uncomfortsble. | Tag: after c section abdominal binder belly band
At first this made me feel so much better however after a week of use ( used for ...
By Philo-sophiaon
I used this for post full tummy tuck after my 2nd week. It worked perfectly for what I needed it for. Much more comfortable then the rap they send you home from the hospital with. The extra pelvic support is amazing. It just gives you so many more options than the one belt.So great for this postpartum belly band australia | Tag: post pregnancy support belt uk
child I'm fitting in my size 3 jeans just fine, im weighing 155lbs at 5ft 5in one week ...
By Tina Kon
Fits most small to medium sized people. Amazing price especially considering that you're actually getting 3 binders. I only need to use 2 of them because I have a short torso. I bought this to wear after my c-section 3 weeks ago and it feels so good on. Very supportive and I swear it's made my abdomen less saggy after one day. It is a little awkward to sit in if you're wearing the brace very low as I do to support my pelvis and incision, but that's to be expected. You can't have really good support and a lot of flexible at once. I bought a c-panty and a higher waisted version and had to return both due to poor fit and lack of support. Definitely try this brace first! | Tag: c section postpartum support belt
great value.
By VA_Willon
First off, this comes in 3 pieces. You are supposed to wear the 1st piece in the first few weeks then add on the 2nd piece and so forth. Just way too many separate parts to mess with and remember. I mean, if you just gave birth this is the last thing you need to remember. Also, the velcro will stick to everything and snag. It snagged on my sweaters and messed them up. Lastly, I wouldn't consider myself a heavy weight person, but this is very bulky and makes all of your fat buldge and spill out. After an hour of wear I would start to feel a little sick. I'd much rather spend a little more money and buy something that was 1 piece rather than 3. | Tag: postnatal after pregnancy birth support belt
By phoenixphoenix602on
I am a mommy of two. I wish I had this with me at the hospital with both my kids. | Tag: postnatal panty girdle
Good customer service
By Girlon
Awesomely fits | Tag: african postpartum belly binding
Good quality, recieved as told however
By Ma Ton
Item received as described. |
because I was a small recovery is also very good so a little bit loose but the quality of ...
By Saint Steveon
I ordered a size large. I usually wear a size 12-14 (pre-pregnancy) & it barely comes together in the front. The scratchy velcro rubs on my belly. But I am only a week post partum so I am hoping it might fit me a bit better in a month or two. I did wear it for 2 days straight (only taking it off at night) & already noticed a difference, but decided to still wait a few more weeks because I felt a bit bruised after wearing on top of already feeling pretty sore after delivery. I think when I try it again it will be better. Also, want to more there was no instructions for how to wear or how to wash.I the best postpartum belly band australia |
Great product for a great price!!!
By Lee V.on
Like back support, dislike small size |
Great for cheaper price, and helpful for c-section recovery
By lizon
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