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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

After c section abdominal binder belly band


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SKU: TT-TMJD1903-1
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  • Name:After C Section Abdominal Binder Belly Band
  • SKU:TMJD1903-1
  • Color:Black,Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Gender:Female
  • Style:briefs
  • Waist type:high waist
  • Material:Cotton Content: 81% (including) -95% (including)
  • Fabric:cotton fabric
  • Style:Sexy
Size Chart
Height Waistline Weight
M/L 155-170CM 59-80CM 40-62KG
XL/XXL 160-175CM 80-100CM 62-82KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

We offer the largest selection with over 200+ different styles after c section abdominal binder belly band,our postpartum belly band made of choice material, and we make postpartum corset over 57 years,we are the postpartum shapewear inventor and industry standard maker,choose Simaslim girdle,you will get the best quality,most comfortbale postpartum belly wrap.

after c section abdominal binder belly band Reviews

my friend recommended it to me
By katy
I bought this product for my mom who also told me that her lumbar discomfort, my friend recommended it to me. After using it, my mother said she felt comfortable which make me fell very pleased. Highly recommend! | Tag: slimming belt after pregnancy
and really good corset, but breathable material
By Ashley
This is just as shown, and really good postpartum girdle, but breathable material. Its definitely a tiny bit bulky but with the stomach binding it does its worth it. I use my more sleek adominal bands when im in public and then i use this at home and it actually helps with my back too it supports everything and keeps everything in place, im almost 4 months post partum and had a c-section and this i recommend! | Tag: bellefit girdle after c section
Wonderful set!
By Emmaleigh Hoard
I like that this postpartum shapewear set cinches your waist and hips, but you can control how much. It is much more flexible and comfortable than other corsets and shape wear that I own. I can wear it in the summer without getting overheated. Would purchase again, and will definitely use if I have another child. | Tag: stomach compression garment
Very supportive
By Ja
Very supportive and postpartum belly wrap helps with pain and discomfort.I like this after c section abdominal binder belly band | Tag: belt to reduce belly after pregnancy
Good for the price paid
By Rebekkah Poston
If you follow the sizing guide it fits correctly. I already need to go down a size though so this may not be the best purchase if you want to wear it several months and don't want to buy multiple sizes. Also the item does not come with any directions so you are on your own figuring out how to put it on. You can see it under tight clothing but works well to make your tummy look flat. I have a long torso and would like the item to be longer and cover more of my torso. The item does cover as much of my torso as is shown in the picture so I guess it's supposed to fit that way. | Tag: 3 in 1 postpartum girdle malaysia
Great price , great quality just watch out for size
By Leslieon
Just what I was looking for postpartrum! | Tag: postpartum belly band destination maternity
I wouldnt buy!!
By Jesse's Girlon
Provides great support to abdominal area | Tag: post pregnancy weight loss band
good quality. I didn't use it much
By tlcowson
I have been using this product for a week now. It helps with curving out that water weight in my stomach. I workout everyday, but the extra hold is helping with shaping my stomach. | Tag: postpartum support belt singapore
child I'm fitting in my size 3 jeans just fine, im weighing 155lbs at 5ft 5in one week ...
By Tina Kon
Fits most small to medium sized people. Amazing price especially considering that you're actually getting 3 binders. I only need to use 2 of them because I have a short torso. I bought this to wear after my c-section 3 weeks ago and it feels so good on. Very supportive and I swear it's made my abdomen less saggy after one day. It is a little awkward to sit in if you're wearing the brace very low as I do to support my pelvis and incision, but that's to be expected. You can't have really good support and a lot of flexible at once. I bought a c-panty and a higher waisted version and had to return both due to poor fit and lack of support. Definitely try this brace first! | Tag: postpartum body wrap uk
Holds everything together nicely! I am 3 weeks post partum and I ...
By Kenia McCartyon
Maybe I'm just trying to use this belt too soon after a c-section, but it seems small and it makes me feel more sore at the end of the day. It is bulky, if you try to wear all three pieces at once. | Tag: tummy belt after delivery online shopping
Nice product
The waist trimmer isn't long enough, which causes my not so slim stomach to roll over the top of it. Extremely unflattering if I wear a fitted or sort of fitted top.So great for this after c section abdominal binder belly band | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap online india
Good product. The Velcro does make noise when you ...
By Triinon
I had the easiest pregnancy and the easiest delivery for my daughter! But postpartum was not so easy. I have had the worst hip pain after her birth. Most days I could hardly walk! After months of chiropractic care and wear this at night I am finally starting to feel better. I only wear the hip part of this support system and I started wearing this 3 months postpartum. (to be honest, I was lucky enough to not need the rest, my stomach went right back to wear it was before pregnancy, flat) | Tag: post c section girdle uk
used it since I am still pregnant but looks like it will work great ordered a small I'm usually ...
By SNHon
Great buy! I tried a different postpartum support wrap and shrunk out of it within days. Do not let the "one size" make you second guess this purchase. This system will shrink/grow with your size as needed. Easy to put on and tighten to your liking. Felt 100% supported in my back and abdomen. Would definitely recommend this product. | Tag: post delivery tummy belt
I believe every new mum needs a postpartum girdle corset ...
By Kayon
My neighbor recently gave a birth, and I will give her a gift to congratulate her. so I bought this belt. I think she will need it. | Tag:
It's a super nice quality and I loved it otherwise
By HLuvon
So far I love this product. I meant to get it before I had my ba | Tag:
I haven't used it really much as I tried and ...
By Kari Son
Not able to wear it yet because it is too small. I hoping after some of my water weigh and sweeping goes down I can try it. |
Beautiful Product
By Robin B.on
Helped with my pp c-section scar significantlyI the best after c section abdominal binder belly band |
Kept my tummy in but caused extreme pelvic discomfort so ...
By Gonzalezon
Thanks for your understanding and forgiveness. |
Just okay--Not great
By Gwen Steeveson
Good but order your pre-pregnancy size.
By Gonzalezon
Awesome! Love it! I ordered 2 more! |

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