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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Post pregnancy belt brands

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SKU: NZYL189201-1
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  • Name:Post Pregnancy Belt Brands
  • SKU:NZYL189201-1
  • Color:Black,Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Shapewear,Need to thin people.
  • Gender:Female
  • Waist type:shapwear
  • Fabric:Nylon
  • Style:Snap-on
Size Chart
S 40-49KG
M 49-55KG
L 56-62KG
XL 63-70KG
XXL 71-77KG
XXXL 78-88KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

We offer the largest selection with over 200+ different styles post pregnancy belt brands,our postpartum belly band made of choice material, and we make postpartum corset over 296 years,we are the postpartum shapewear inventor and industry standard maker,choose Simaslim girdle,you will get the best quality,most comfortbale postpartum belly wrap.

post pregnancy belt brands Reviews

This product is so great because it has versatility with all the adjustments it ...
By Melissa Metcalf
This product is so great because it has versatility with all the adjustments it has. You can make it tighter where you need it and looser where you need it which is so much more comfortable and much easier to put on by yourself than the traditional wrap. I am using it post surgery and I wish I had had it postpartum! | Tag: abdominal belt after normal delivery
great product
By adriana
great product. wish I had known about these with my last 2 pregnancies . and the customer service was more than helpful when I had issues with ordering and sizing. Wasn’t just an automated message. it was actual people! so thankful for their help and patience in meeting my needs!!!! | Tag: belly wrap after c section
Great price
By Michelle
Great price, but sizing is way off. | Tag: belt to reduce stomach after delivery
Also good back support which I will probably wear it even ...
By Jackie B
I wear this every day all day I even work out in it and sleep in it. you control the level of tightness. I use after reading a review that someone used it for post lipo/tummy tuck. Also good back support which I will probably wear it even when I don't need anymore. I do how ever wear a t-shirt under it. It itches when directly touch my skin. But keep in mind I usually wear 90% of the day everyday.I like this post pregnancy belt brands | Tag: wearing belly band after c section
I believe every new mum needs a postpartum girdle corset ...
By h1985yy
I believe every new mum needs a postpartum girdle corset recovery belly band wrap belt, this item can stay close to my waist and will not cause me to breathe poorly, I hope my waist will return to the prenatal condition. | Tag: buy postpartum girdle uk
Just what I needed
By Guadalupeon
Surprised!!! For the price this is a good product. Good support. | Tag: postpartum belly band instructions
Great recovery belt
By Ladybug Picnicon
By VVon
I first ordered a small based on pre pregnancy size but ended up exchanging it for a medium with the help of Maggie from the company and it fits much better and adjusts to be nice and snug. It's helped with my posture and flattening my belly a little. I love and and am very satisfied with it. | Tag: postpartum belly wrap uk
Great Girdle
By lilizblackon
Just bought one belly band wrap belt for my wife. She said wear this while doing sport will be more efficient to lose fat . The quality is good. She likes it. | Tag: postpartum belly band south africa
it tigh yeaH
By Isaac Galvanon
Si The best, I love it. | Tag: post pregnancy belt in dubai
Great support & happy with the product so far
By SFoleyon
I love the first around the midsection belt... until after wearing it for 2 weeks the boning in it collapsed and started digging into my sides. I wore this all the time and even to sleep. My waist shrunk so fast after giving birth. Worth the buy, but not worth the pain.So great for this post pregnancy belt brands | Tag: deluxe post natal abdominal support belt review
Great fit. Love it comes in 3 pieces
By Lolaon
It's not made for tall women. I am 6' and the girdle was way too short for my long torso, creating lumps rather than a smooth figure. I returned it. | Tag: maternity belt after delivery
Great for Postpartum
By Elvira P.on
Didn't really like it.. | Tag: best post pregnancy belly wrap c section
Great product - I have been using a waist cincher ...
By SONY247on
I like the product but fits big | Tag: destination maternity postpartum support belt
A bit complicated
By Sherri D.
Great fit, sturdy material | Tag: postpartum belly belt walmart
Great for cheaper price, and helpful for c-section recovery
By Emily Pettiton
Did not meet my expectations..did not fit my whole torso. |
Didn't like it
By Mrs.M.
I'm happy with this product. It's affordable and does it's job. A lot of the reviews did state to buy a bigger size. I went with an extra large. My stomach has gone down so much. I'm 5'5 and my weight at delivery was 185. After delivery I was 173 pounds. I almost went with an large but I'm glad I went with an extra large. My hips started off at off at 44 inches and is now 41 inches. Just giving details for future people trying to pick the correct size. I would recommend this product.I the best post pregnancy belt brands |
she said it is very good for her and she can also use this for ...
By Charles Buchananon
This was a great purchase as far as postpartum back support, but it is bulky and I definitely couldn't wear it outside of home. I don't feel that it helped shrink everything faster but I felt more together with it on. |
Great support!
By Vanessa Milleron
Feels great while standing -- very hard to sit in though. |
Was it comfortable? No
By Amber M.
With recent tummy tuck I was provided a binder at the hospital, but I felt I needed more support. The hospital binder rolled up & difficult to get a secure fit. I am very happy with the results of using this 3 layers separated to create a perfect fit for you. Very secure Velcro. I can wrap around my waist comfortably, but everything feels snug & supported. You will appreciate the ability to wrap each layer for a custom fit for you. |
Post surgery
By Cynthiaon
This postpartum girdle is fantastic. It helped me get moving sooner after delivery. I had a c section so i didnt use the girdle until about a week after delivery. Once I started using the girdle my stomach got flatter everyday. My skin still has some shrinking to do but it definitely helped me feel better and get back to my pre pregnancy clothes quickly. Only gave 3 stars because it is to big now and i wish i had something to support my stomach. |
Love this. So easy to put on
By Fairest1ofallon
The pads in the cups move all over when using the nursing bra. Order smaller size than you think you would want (so if you run a smaller 32/34 depending on brand of bra go with smaller for this brand so a Small as 34 is a Med) The medium I ordered I had to hook and the smallest setting and after the first wear the bras are too big to use in rib cage. Cup size is great and comfy bra overall. Downside is overly stretchy material, cup pads move around and need adj every use. |

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