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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Wearing a corset after pregnancy

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SKU: NZYL189201
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  • Name:Wearing A Corset After Pregnancy
  • SKU:NZYL189201
  • Color:Black,Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Shapewear,Need to thin people.
  • Gender:Female
  • Waist type:shapwear
  • Fabric:Nylon
  • Style:Snap-on
Size Chart
S 40-49KG
M 49-55KG
L 56-62KG
XL 63-70KG
XXL 71-77KG
XXXL 78-88KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

Simaslim girdle shows fashion collections of current Fashion wearing a corset after pregnancy . You could also find more popular postpartum belts, as there always a huge selection for all abdominal belt after delivery items. Sincerely hope all our customers enjoy shopping our new arrival girdle for stomach with good quality and latest fashion styles.

wearing a corset after pregnancy Reviews

Worked GREAT!!!
By Lanai Morriso
Loved having the versatility of this product. I had abdominal surgery and this product was PERFECT for keeping the swelling down! Would recommend over and over again!!! Easy to wash, easy to use, quite comfortable to wear! | Tag: top postpartum girdle hip compression
Needed it for post-surgery support - very glad to have it
By S.
arrived when indicated and was as described. Needed it for post-surgery support - very glad to have it. | Tag: best belly binder after c section
Works well after C-section
By amp140
This seems to really help "keep things in". It's hard to say if out runs small since I just had a baby things are a little swollen still but I ordered a size larger than I normally willing have & it worked. They are thick but you want it to cover most of your belly so sitting with it tight isn't very comfortable. I mostly wear mine around the house for a few hours at a time. | Tag: wearing belly band after c section
Love the quality as good as the one I brought ...
By Shirley2522
Love the quality as good as the one I brought before with triple price in Hong Kong! Will recommend to my friends!I like this wearing a corset after pregnancy | Tag: postpartum girdle prolapse
By Williamson
I am so glad that I found this product! I ended up having a c-section with my first child and found the recovery to be difficult and lengthy. Even without any pain meds. This is definitely a product that I would recommend to any expecting mother!!! | Tag: cinch postpartum belly wrap reviews
Good for the price
By Gctz95on
Best postpartum wrap I've ever worn. I would definitely recommend this product to another mother. | Tag: postpartum belly band support
For the price I didn't mind since I already had one but if you're searching for one and are tall like me maybe buy one that's lo
By h1985yyon
At first this made me feel so much better however after a week of use ( used for post c section) the velcro got weak and it would come undone! Could have used another week of use, would not recommend. | Tag: hipslimmer post pregnancy compression corset for your hip
me postpartum belly support so that I can exercise comfortably.
I probably should have read the description better. I thought it was all one piece but the fact that it's 3 separate pieces is a bit inconvenient. | Tag: post pregnancy corset girdle
Great product for the price!
By leanneon
Good quality. Exactly what I was looking for
By M.Ron
Item was in China sizes; which is way too small. Other than that, good quality item. | Tag: abdominal belly binder after c section
Excellent for c sections
After a week it fit. Your body doesn't shrink down right away after delivering the baSo great for this wearing a corset after pregnancy | Tag: after pregnancy belt price in pakistan
It's a bit tight and the three layers don't stay ...
By HSheltonon
Slightly uglier color in person (lol), Velcro is strong and intense, pretty stretchy but easy to get it right. Not super comfy and def can't have horrible posture wearing it, probably a plus to be honest. | Tag: post pregnancy support belt uk
rolls a bit after some extended use but still great for back support pp
By Sonia75on
Great belt. Most other ones you just attach Velcro at the front, but I like how these ones have the side straps to tighten extra. Great quality. | Tag: postpartum support belt c section
Great investment
By lilemieon
Just received item, first it looks pink not nude which wouldn't be a deal breaker only it doesn't feel very supportive, it's very thin, & it'll take a while for me to fit in it. If getting, get proper size & maybe because it's thinner it's more comfortable for some women, I however really want my body back after ba | Tag: tirain 3 in 1 postpartum support
It is super uncomfortsble.
By J and
Seems to fit well and apears as of it will last. I am using mine to help naturally put back a hernia. I can not sit easily while wearing it..and only wear it at home because it shows through my clothing a bit. However I might wear out when weather cools and thicker clothes can be worn. Great materials.. will check back to see how it lasts now. Helps to shrink my belly so far. | Tag: postpartum corset india
I have never used one before but I have to ...
By karieon
Not a great belly band at all. It has an awkward fit and it sweezes my midsection but the upper and lower parts of my stomach are bulging out with no band the cover it all adequately. I had a c-section and this belt is not anywhere near as good as the basic hospital wrap. I wish I would have returned it. Waste of money. |
good quality item
By Farraon
Bulky and hard to move in. It was nice to have the extra support after birth though.I the best wearing a corset after pregnancy |
Good for standing and walking around for long periods of ...
By Vanon
I got these 1-2 weeks postpartum. I had a 2nd time c section and diastasis recti. I was longing for sleep on the side but too afraid my organs would move around when i turn. so this gridle helped. At first it was stiff - which i like because it helped to flatten my belly, i wore this 24/7, the belly was noticable flatter, then took it off for one day for my body to relax (wearing this is very tight and restrictive sometimes), but then my belly went back to big. So i kinda have to keep this one to keep it tight. Now it's been my 6th week. With my hunching sometimes, the girdle is starting to loose its shape meaning the top and bottom ends crunched up a little. and it also slides up. I have a "droopy" belly, so my bottom muffin top hangs out and bent my incision a bit. I had to add a lower body belly band ( to cover my incision area first, then wear this on top. |
I was hoping this would work for me but it ...
By JheneyaTOP
Pretty good. |
By Itzayana Fashenon
After a c section I was looking for a girdle to help with the pain as I moved around the house. This girdle helped decrease some of the pain and is helping flatting in my stomach. I order the size that was suggested through the size chart and I found it small to start but its starting to fit better everyday |
Very cheap and gave me a rash
By Anh P
was was too short and too tight wife hated it |

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