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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Best waist cincher after pregnancy


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SKU: AZY18993-1
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  • Name:Best Waist Cincher After Pregnancy
  • SKU:AZY18993-1
  • Color:Black,Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Shapewear,Need to thin people.
  • Gender:Female
  • Waist type:shapwear
  • Fabric:cotton fabric
  • Style:Sexy
Size Chart
XS 45-52KG
S 53-60KG
M 61-70KG
L 71-82KG
XL 83-95KG
XXL 96-105KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

Simaslim girdle shows fashion collections of current Fashion best waist cincher after pregnancy . You could also find more popular postpartum belts, as there always a huge selection for all abdominal belt after delivery items. Sincerely hope all our customers enjoy shopping our new arrival girdle for stomach with good quality and latest fashion styles.

best waist cincher after pregnancy Reviews

my diastisis recti but this by far is the best one out there
By Tiara Cheri
All of my tummy belts/waist trainers and trimmers never supported me or helped minimize my diastisis recti but this by far is the best one out there. You get upper and lower support, it's easy on your back because you don't have those bones poking you and it's great for posture. The fabric is so light and I love it. I am so happy and feeling super confident in my clothes today. | Tag: top rated postpartum belly band
beyond customer service
By Adrienne Keller
Customer service was very helpful! | Tag: belly support band after c section
Must Have for your Postpartum care
By Heather Cotsopoulos
This was ordered for me as a gift from my husband and I needed to get the size exchanged for a larger one, the customer care team was great and I can not wait to try it out. The material that it is made is so soft and seems that it will hold up while you are on the road to recovery from having a child. I will update my review with pictures once I get my new larger corset girdle. | Tag: waist training after c section
So glad I got this!
By Jenn
I think this product is well worth the money. I decided to try the pull on version of the YoYo girdle because the price difference is quite a lot less than the corset version. I am very happy with this investment. If you have ever worn shape wear before, then you will have no issues with this postpartum girdle. I will say the first time getting this item on is difficult, after that though each subsequent time is much easier. I have seen good improvement in my shape since giving birth and wearing the girdle. I only wear it for about 8 hours a day but I am still seeing results. And it definitely helps with my confidence when going out, as my figure still has a long way to go to return to my postpartum shape.I like this best waist cincher after pregnancy | Tag: support band for pregnant belly
comfortable design
By Katherine Swartz
Love the corset! However the part that goes between your legs is uncomfortable. A more comfortable design would make it a 5 star | Tag: homemade postpartum belly wrap
Overall good product. Since I have only worn it once ...
By dejaivonnee benardon
This is bulky. If you're only wearing it around the house it'll work but can't wear this out in public under clothes. | Tag: postpartum belly wrap uk
but the other two are fine. The bottom one sometime tries to roll a ...
By Nathalyon
I would order it again though, and plan to wear it again after my next ba | Tag: post pregnancy corset belt
This is a highly recommended item. I love that it provides so much ...
By Beth Boettcheron
Used while I was still in the hospital after having my second ba | Tag: post pregnancy corset nz
Don't waste your money
By J.Truongon
A little tight but works good. | Tag: postnatal after pregnancy birth support belt
If I didn't feel bad about weight gain post-baby
By jesselon
Purchased for someone else but received no complaints | Tag: postnatal belly support belt
does not bend when I'm in a seated position like other corsets
By Tigureyz72on
fits perfectSo great for this best waist cincher after pregnancy | Tag: postpartum support girdle belt
Fits great! I'm 5'8" and 200lbs post partum
By Harmony Torelloon
Arrived on time, product as described. Instructions are a little confusing. | Tag: postpartum shaper corset
Didn't work out for my wife.
By Oluwatodimuon
I am very pleased with this product. I had a c section and waited about 4 weeks to start wearing it because my stomach was very sore. I really like that it has the bands on the side that you can adjust and it gives you an hourglass shape. It gives a lot of support and it is even helping me with back pain. I am wearing it every day and definitely see a difference on my stomach. I recommend it! | Tag: best girdle for postpartum
A necessity for your recovery
By review queenon
I really like this wrap, I started using it about a week after I left the hospital because I couldn't fit it around myself before then. The only problem I have with this is that I have a long torso and it creates a roll between the top of the band and my bra, if I was a little bit shorter I think it would fit perfectly, it made me feel a lot better walking around too, I felt like my insides were spilling out after I gave birth and this made me feel a little more normal. I don't know if it helped heal my abs or shrink me back faster but it made me feel better emotionally | Tag: best postpartum support girdle
Recommended: )
By CMSon
This product is worthless. Don't waste your money. | Tag: post maternity compression belt
Holy Compression Batman!
By Kelson
Must have after a C-section! Great fit. Love it comes in 3 pieces! |
Overall good for postpartum
this is better than I expected , it is 3 different belts and gives full support to my belly and the flab in the back. it is very well made and is pretty sturdy . it doesnt roll down like other belly belts , it has some kind of sticks which are flexible and keeps the belt in place. It is comfortable and can be adjusted to my liking . I have been wearing it , everyday since it arrived and I am pretty happy with it .I the best best waist cincher after pregnancy |
Love it!!! A must for any stomach surgery!
By G.Herzbergon
The girdle was perfect. I was skeptical about buying this item at first, DON'T BE. I put it on the day I left the hospital after having my son. It fit as expected and I was back to my pre ba |
Had to order twice due to mysterious stain
Love this especially the pelvis belt... I had pelvis issues while pregnant and this helped me postpartum... I wore it at day 4 pp. Slowly work up to wearing for a period of time because if wore too long it made me bleed a bit heavier then normal. I wore this up walking and sitting down... Just not to bed. I highly recommend this product! |
Great for a tummy trimmer
By LLon
It's ok but not the best |
Tall women move on...
By C.Mcintireon
to bulky cant hide under clothes and it came on done ever time i sat it sucked |
I had a c-section and needed something to wear right ...
By Kate D.on
need smaller size |
Its very strong and I love the adjustable features
By Hahnon
Stopped working after two weeks. The sticky part does not stick anymore and the .... waste of money |

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