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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Homemade postpartum belly wrap

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SKU: AQS190092-1
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  • Name:Homemade Postpartum Belly Wrap
  • SKU:AQS190092-1
  • Color:Nude,Black
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Material composition:Triacetate fiber (triacetate fiber) 80% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 20%
  • Fabric:mesh yarn
  • style details:lace
  • season:spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • Breathability:breathable
  • Elastic Index:very good
Size Chart
Waistline Weight
XS 57-63CM 33-43KG
S 64-70CM 44-49KG
M 71-77CM 50-57KG
L 78-85CM 58-64KG
XL 86-92CM 65-70KG
XXL 93-100CM 71-76KG
XXXL 101-110CM 77-85KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

Welcome to Simaslim homemade postpartum belly wrap.As we know, postpartum girdle is very important for maternal.It can protect their viscera very well.Choose Simaslim 3 in 28 postpartum girdle,you will get the best quality,most comfortable post pregnancy girdle and postpartum girdle for yourself. We can offer best and fasest shipping online.

homemade postpartum belly wrap Reviews

This girdle is amazing!!
By Lunamer
This girdle is amazing!!! I'm one week postpartum after a twin cesarean and this girdle is the best! It's very easy to get on by yourself (the hospital kind takes two people) and offers more security, comfort, and support. I highly recommend this product! | Tag: doctor recommended postpartum girdle
It is easy to put on
By Changes500
I am using this for my postporum recovery. It is easy to put on, and it really helps to tighten the belly. Before getting pregnant I was 170 lbs, and after birth I was 204 lbs. It's been 5 days since I gave birth, and my tummy is looking great. I am now 180 lbs. hope this postpartum corset helps others. Thank you. | Tag: postpartum belly wrap pros and cons
Good product for the price
By Anastasia
Good product for the price. Great for after c-section as you can tighten while you are wearing it and it is soft enough to wear sitting for extended periods of time (like during feedings .) | Tag: postpartum belly wrap uae
Good for the price paid
By Rebekkah Poston
If you follow the sizing guide it fits correctly. I already need to go down a size though so this may not be the best purchase if you want to wear it several months and don't want to buy multiple sizes. Also the item does not come with any directions so you are on your own figuring out how to put it on. You can see it under tight clothing but works well to make your tummy look flat. I have a long torso and would like the item to be longer and cover more of my torso. The item does cover as much of my torso as is shown in the picture so I guess it's supposed to fit that way.I like this homemade postpartum belly wrap | Tag: postpartum girdle belly wrap medical compression
By Aryna
I love this product . It support my back very weel . | Tag: post pregnancy shapewear india
Great product for the price!
By yaneton
Every pregnant woman should get this for after ba | Tag: post pregnancy weight loss corset
used this after my c section and it's very comfortable, with great support
By Rosa Quindeon
I purchased this 3 in 1 postpartum support belt for future use as I am about to have my third ba | Tag: abdominal binder after c section singapore
I can see my waistline!!
By Kayla Howeon
My wife couldnt sleep in this. Not able to put it on for +3 hours. I gave it away to my mom because she would use it for different purposes. | Tag: post pregnancy belly band target australia
Had to order twice due to mysterious stain
Love this especially the pelvis belt... I had pelvis issues while pregnant and this helped me postpartum... I wore it at day 4 pp. Slowly work up to wearing for a period of time because if wore too long it made me bleed a bit heavier then normal. I wore this up walking and sitting down... Just not to bed. I highly recommend this product! | Tag: post pregnancy belly support band
Feeling better with this
By Mg058on
It fit well and I'm hoping it will help to support my postpartum tummy. | Tag: after c section support girdle
Love this especially the pelvis belt
By fatimaon
The ones they give in the hospital is just one giant piece of velcro that grabs and sticks to itself. The hospital ones are extremely difficult to adjust too.So great for this homemade postpartum belly wrap | Tag: abdominal belt for after delivery
Very disappointed in the longevity of the product
By T Cosmoson
Good price! Thought the bands were a lil bigger. Still recommend. | Tag: belly binding 2 years postpartum
Firm support postpartum.
By Yuridiaon
I did a ton of research on what kind of postpartum wrap to wear, I'm on ba | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap ireland
A necessity for your recovery
By review queenon
I really like this wrap, I started using it about a week after I left the hospital because I couldn't fit it around myself before then. The only problem I have with this is that I have a long torso and it creates a roll between the top of the band and my bra, if I was a little bit shorter I think it would fit perfectly, it made me feel a lot better walking around too, I felt like my insides were spilling out after I gave birth and this made me feel a little more normal. I don't know if it helped heal my abs or shrink me back faster but it made me feel better emotionally | Tag: belly band safe after c section
It's OK
By Harrypotteron
So much better than those useless compression tops that just ride up. I felt so much more comfortable in those early days post partum after I put on the first band (you don't wear all 3 together until much later according to their instructional insert). I'm not sure how my organs were dancing around in all the empty space without ba | Tag: best postpartum support belt reviews
Very happy with the fast results
By Andee Lamon
Well, I liked it - I'm between 8 and 10 |
Good product but not discrete
By TwoPupsAndABoyon
I had a c-section and this binder was great. I was able to walk around without feeling that my insides were going to fall out. Everything felt nice and secure and it was very comfortable while I was up. My only issue was that I had to undo and redo the entire thing when I had to use to restroom. I also couldn't sit very well in it. But overall I really enjoyed this and I'm super happy that I purchased it. I also feel that this helped bring down my waistline back sooner.I the best homemade postpartum belly wrap |
Great support
By Lady_in_Red86on
Love it! Wish I had taken it to the hospital so I can use immediately after giving birth. I've used it for 4 days now and I feel amazing. Really works fast if you use the product as directed. |
If you place it to your panty line like the picture shows
By Jennyon
Purchased this product after a couple of weeks home from a C-section and additional surgical needs to replace the hospital binder as it started to get too loose on my stomach. |
Not worth it post-pregnancy
By EasyBreezySunfloweron
This for 12.99 is tighter than a waist ciincher I bought for $50 I've only used it a week but so far it's looking good cnt wait to see my results 1 month PP |
Too many pieces
By ashley flemingon
Very stretchy but still snug like you would want it after a ba |

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