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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Best post pregnancy band


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SKU: T-SSL190293
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  • Name:Best Post Pregnancy Band
  • SKU:SSL190293
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Fabric:Polyester fiber 63.5% Elastic fiber 36.4%
  • Suede:polyester fiber 100%
  • Elastic index:super elastic
  • season:Four Seasons General
Size Chart
Stomach Belt Binding Band Pelvic Bone Belt
M Long: 87CM Width:23CM Long: 90CM Width:23CM Long: 90CM Width:16CM
L Long: 87CM Width:23CM Long: 100CM Width:23CM Long: 100CM Width:16CM
XL Long: 95CM Width:23CM Long: 110CM Width:23CM Long: 110CM Width:16CM
XXL Long: 100CM Width:23CM Long: 115CM Width:23CM Long: 115CM Width:16CM
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

Simaslim girdle shows fashion collections of current Fashion best post pregnancy band . You could also find more popular postpartum belts, as there always a huge selection for all abdominal belt after delivery items. Sincerely hope all our customers enjoy shopping our new arrival girdle for stomach with good quality and latest fashion styles.

best post pregnancy band Reviews

By Jasper
It is so nice.And it is a little bit tight.But it need tight.I feel very flexible when I wear it.Good and love.Fit as expected. | Tag: c section compression garment
By Helen
This belly band is very comfortable. I would like to recommend to anyone who needs it. Very soft and in good shape | Tag: post pregnancy waistband
stars4 days postpartum and hardly looking pregnant!
By Rachel Wiebe
4 days postpartum and I already have people telling me that they would not have known that I was pregnant! I feel and look great! Gives fantastic and comfortable support and is well made. Glad that I went with the xs. Fits perfectly on my petite 5 2" body! | Tag: post pregnancy belly band after c section
This is very useful for my waist! I've been wearing it for a month! Feel good! Very comfortable!
By Lonely
This is very useful for my waist! I've been wearing it for a month! Feel good! Very comfortable!I like this best post pregnancy band | Tag: plus size waist cincher for weight loss
Love it! Thank you
By Z.M.
Can't believe the great quality of this product for the price! A rare find. | Tag: belt to reduce belly after pregnancy
Great fit. Love it comes in 3 pieces
I initially really liked this wrap, and how I am able to put it on myself, always able to adjust it as my body shrinks down after a c-section. Mine cane with two sets of instructions, which seemed to contradict each other as far as which piece to wear in the first week. I ended up wearing the wrong one to start with, but it still gave me support. I'm now wearing two pieces during the day and three pieces at night. It says to wear the third piece much later, after a few months, however | Tag: wearing a girdle after giving birth
Fit well. A little itchy for me personally and ...
By Heather Louiseon
Nothing great nothing bad
By dylan s.on
This girdle is amazing!!! I'm one week postpartum after a twin cesarean and this girdle is the best! It's very easy to get on | Tag: cinch postpartum belly wrap reviews
Feeling better with this
By natalion
I bought this when I was about 5 months postpartum. I was having horrible back pain as my posture had become horrible since having my ba | Tag: postpartum belly wrap uk
Didn't work out for my wife.
By Oluwatodimuon
I am very pleased with this product. I had a c section and waited about 4 weeks to start wearing it because my stomach was very sore. I really like that it has the bands on the side that you can adjust and it gives you an hourglass shape. It gives a lot of support and it is even helping me with back pain. I am wearing it every day and definitely see a difference on my stomach. I recommend it! | Tag: post pregnancy girdle kardashian
very helpful at my work and effective supporter.
By Anastasiaon
when I bend over the thing just move out of place and it hurtsSo great for this best post pregnancy band | Tag: postpartum wraps c section
4 weeks after birth and Im looking almost like my pre pregnancy body
By Shirley2522on
Great fit! Adjusts tightly and provides pelvic and back support! | Tag: postpartum c section corset
but love it for corrective surgery needs
By Naziaon
I wore this postpartum band for the first three weeks after delivering. I have a 27" waist and it fit as expected although I do wish I was able to make it tighter | Tag: post maternity compression belt
Amazing product! Great quality and worth the price!
By SaraBon
Great product! Very satisfied. Does what it's supposed to!! | Tag: post natal belt dublin
Must have for C-sections
By estheron
The second one keeps rollings down, it maybe too small for me | Tag: post natal belt malaysia
Perfect for me!
By Daphyon
This is not sized right AT ALL! Disappointing, too, since I can no longer return it. I bought it in preparation for the post pregnancy recovery of my little one.After I gave birth to her, I tried it out but there was no way it was going to fit. Now I am stuck with it. |
Good Binder
By Vonon
I followed the sizing instructions and it did not fit at all. I bought this to help with my c-section recovery and wasn't able to use it.I the best best post pregnancy band |
By Itzayana Fashenon
After a c section I was looking for a girdle to help with the pain as I moved around the house. This girdle helped decrease some of the pain and is helping flatting in my stomach. I order the size that was suggested through the size chart and I found it small to start but its starting to fit better everyday |
Great purchase!!
By LaKikion
Love it so much that I have recommended it to several people already. It really does help bring your abdominal muscles together to help restore to your before ba |
Great product for a great price!!!
By Lee V.on
Like back support, dislike small size |
Great for price can make very tight
By lindsey nicholson
I've been wearing it for a few days now and so far I love it! It serves it's purpose and love the material and how it's adjustable. |
Great buy!
By Ericaon
Decent product and fits well. Value for money |
No disappointment here!
By Emily Pettiton
There are no directions and the fit is far too small. Good price point, but since it doesn't fit can't give a full review. |

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