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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Postpartum corset australia


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SKU: BSB198899
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  • Name:Postpartum Corset Australia
  • SKU:BSB198899
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • season:spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Breathability:breathable
  • Elastic:Very good
Size Chart
Binding Band Pelvic Bone Belt
S Long:94CM Width:26CM Long:92CM Width:15.5CM
M Long:101CM Width:26CM Long:101CM Width:16CM
L Long:111CM Width:26CM Long:111CM Width:16CM
XL Long:121CM Width:26CM Long:121CM Width:16CM
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

postpartum corset australia Reviews

starsThe product better than expected
By Dianny27
The product better than expected. ,The quality is good and the price is nice to. I just gave a birth one week ago, hope this product can help me keep fit! | Tag: postpartum bands for tummy
Best one so far...
By CindyT
Best waist trimmer so far. This one has the perfect width, length, it holds you in, attractive looking on and it feels good on. I wear these all the time to sleep, clean the house and exercise. I'll definitely order again. Thank you! | Tag: girdle for after giving birth
So great product
By Princess
I purchased this girdle after I gave birth via C- section, and this thing help me lot for my incision.It gave me support especially when I moved beacuse having abdominal incsion is very painful for few weeks and limit your movement.the material is incredibly good and durable and it fits as expected. | Tag: best postpartum c section girdle
I was so happy with this purchase.
By Rose
I am beyond satisfied with it. From my pre pregnancy weight, with only wearing it a few times, I’ve lost almost 20 lbs! The only thing I don’t like is the metal stick like things on both sides, that I’m assuming keep the girdle from rolling down. I like this postpartum corset australia | Tag: belly wrap to lose weight after pregnancy
By Having my second child I was a little nervous about returning t my pre pregnancy figure. I had read all the reviews and thought,
Having my second child I was a little nervous about returning t my pre pregnancy figure. I had read all the reviews and thought, why not give it a try? I gave birth to my son naturally on Sunday and ordered the girdle a day later. | Tag: postpartum girdle calgary
By S.T.on
Had my ba | Tag: postpartum belly wrap uk
In like this product but I Already stretch it as tight ...
By Jay Betancourton
Really loved this for my body recovering postpartum! | Tag: post pregnancy shapewear canada
Support and comfort!
By Candice Pon
three pieces to tighten and best girdle to date for me fit wise | Tag: post pregnancy girdle philippines
Awesome 3 in 1 Support
By peachysudweekson
I used this product to recover from c-section. Worked great! Really helped reduce the pain I felt. | Tag: postpartum body shaper canada
Good for the money :)
By geaon
Best postpartum support I have purchased. I wore just the 2 pieces and it helped my recovery and tummy go back to being flat pretty quickly. I loved my results after 10 weeks of wearing it. | Tag: post pregnancy belt australia
Great product. Great price
By Larbaron
Love itSo great for this postpartum corset australia | Tag: postpartum support belt canada
it would be smoother under clothes but it is comfortable and it provides adequate back and abdominal support after ...
By stephanie bradleyon
Good, but too large. | Tag: belly belt after delivery online
It's very helpful to me
By Haihong Wongon
Stopped using this after a week. It rolls up every time you bend over and the Velcro looses its durability and comes undone. It's comfortable to wear as long as you are standing straight up and don't have to bend or sit. Don't waste your money | Tag: belly binding 3 months postpartum
Anorexics 'R' Us
By S.on
Great! Not too tight but not too loose either. I like that it doubles for great back support! | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap india
First great and sucks in everything
By YRon
I did not know how to put it on, which piece I should put on first. Other than that I love it. I have been wearing it for five days postpartum and already notice a difference. | Tag: c section belly band australia
You won't regret your purchase!!
By 3221bton
You won't find anything better than this, trust me I looked diligently! |
Great product! Took a while to ship
By xiang fanon
Excellent for postpartum recoveryI the best postpartum corset australia |
The best price I've seen
By C Ramirezon
To small to be a "one size only " item, so it doesn't stay in place what makes it really uncomfortable. |
Not as long as the picture
By Elvira P.on
They fit just too many parts to put on. |
bit larger than I expected however I still got great use out of it for about 6 months after
By SugarBunny28on
Good quality! |
Easy to use but mine was defective
By J.Bakeron
A must have especially for the price! I wouldn't have been able to get around those first few weeks without them. Helped sooo much with the incision of a csection and the back pain. Wear a tank or shirt underneath it bc if can pinch your skin. Be sure to put them on in the correct order. Three peices total. First piece will be the one with only one large Velcro in the front. The other two have peices have the large Velcro in the front plus two addition side straps with Velcro for extra support. The second peice will be the larger with the side straps. The last piece will be the smallest with side straps. All three can be layered on top of each other. It's a learning curve to put on at first. Lean your back against a wall when putting each peice on to help support yourself and get a snug Velcro. They aren't bulky under a lose top. |
but I had one little complaint which is that after wearing it for about a week and a half some of the edges on the bottom belts started to crease and roll up on me especially if I sat down, squat, or bent over. This is definitely more ideal for walking or standing it gives excellent support. I had a c-section so it was important to find a binder that held everything in place it definitely lessened the pain.
By User 80on
Fit as expected! Great material! |

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