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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Post pregnancy shapewear reviews


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  • Name:Post Pregnancy Shapewear Reviews
  • SKU:BSB198899-1
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • season:spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Breathability:breathable
  • Elastic:Very good
Size Chart
Binding Band Pelvic Bone Belt
S Long:94CM Width:26CM Long:92CM Width:15.5CM
M Long:101CM Width:26CM Long:101CM Width:16CM
L Long:111CM Width:26CM Long:111CM Width:16CM
XL Long:121CM Width:26CM Long:121CM Width:16CM
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

Welcome to Simaslim post pregnancy shapewear reviews.As we know, postpartum girdle is very important for maternal.It can protect their viscera very well.Choose Simaslim 3 in 105 postpartum girdle,you will get the best quality,most comfortable post pregnancy girdle and postpartum girdle for yourself. We can offer best and fasest shipping online.

post pregnancy shapewear reviews Reviews

Best investment ever!
By Katrina
I love the corset! It fit perfectly and it’s not uncomfortable. Sometime I forget that I have it on! The material is breathable and it gives great support!!!! | Tag: slimming belt after pregnancy
Great Value!!!
By emm
good quality and fit as expected | Tag: bellefit girdle after c section
Worked GREAT!!!
By Lanai Morriso
Loved having the versatility of this product. I had abdominal surgery and this product was PERFECT for keeping the swelling down! Would recommend over and over again!!! Easy to wash, easy to use, quite comfortable to wear! | Tag: c section tummy reduction
At first it didn't fit right to wrap around me ...
By Kristie Locklear
At first it didn't fit right to wrap around me but the smaller I got with me eating right ... the wrap fit perfectly! I still wear it today and I am 5 weeks postpartumI like this post pregnancy shapewear reviews | Tag: girdles that flatten the stomach
Runs REALLY small
By Emily Plahanski
I sent it back. Runs REALLY small! | Tag: postpartum belt walmart canada
way past post partum :)
By Amber Camilleon
Wonderful ! I shrank down quickly with help of this wrap ! | Tag: postpartum belly band philippines
A larger available size would have been super helpful. This is unusable for me
By Robin B.on
I really do like this product. I'd buy it again. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because the instructions aren't exactly clear on how to put all the pieces on. But I think I figured it out and love it! Great back support and my tummy feels flat for hours after I wear it. Not the most comfortable thing to breast feed in, but that's not it's purpose. | Tag: postpartum belly wrap toronto
Great support!
By Vanessa Milleron
Feels great while standing -- very hard to sit in though. | Tag: postpartum girdle belly wrap medical compression
Good quality. I just didn't wear it but once
By Tina Kon
I have bought 2 of these in the past 5 months. Started wearing it the day of delivery and could tell a huge difference right away. Wish I had known about this support brace after my first. | Tag: postpartum panty with adjustable belly wrap india
Would recommend to all new moms
By A.Pittson
You can adjust when you put on that's really good. | Tag: girdle after giving birth philippines
Excited to use tjis!
By Michelle J.on
It does the job! I only use the second and third stage wrap. I gave the first stage to my mum to assist her movementSo great for this post pregnancy shapewear reviews | Tag: abdominal belt after delivery in india
Can't bend over in this or it gets messed up ...
By Purple bananaon
I am 5 feet tall and at the time I ordered this I was 128lbs, 1 week after delivering | Tag: brand of post pregnancy belly wraps
but it helps me mentally feel better about what's going on with my body
By neneon
I wish you can give me a hand. As to me, I really need that job, I like the job very much. This is my first job after graduation. If I can not do it well, I will be fired. If this item can be worked, could you mind helping me change the review to 5 star or remove it? Also I will represent my company to give you 50 percent off, even beg for my boss to give you a full refund or resend a new item to you. I deeply | Tag: post pregnancy support belt thyme maternity
child I'm fitting in my size 3 jeans just fine, im weighing 155lbs at 5ft 5in one week ...
By Sabaon
I ordered according to the sizing chart but the fit is still a little small. I'm using it anyway since I can't return it at this point, but I wish there was a better system for getting the right fit. Also, it doesn't really explain how tight to wear the belly belt. It's more trial and error, and gauging comfort level. If it's too tight my back starts to hurt so I loosen it. But you would think the purpose was to wear it tight to help compress everything and get things back into their proper place after having a ba | Tag: postpartum belly belt reviews
but better if someone pulls it for you
By RCMon
Hope this helps! | Tag:
Great for after Cesarean surgery!
By taniaon
I just got this and LOVE it! Really high quality and a nice fit! I am excited to use it post partum! 3 seperate pieces to ensure a nice fit. Much better than the "Belly bandit" that runs $50..... |
Buy it and bring it with to hospital!!
By Rachaelon
I am 2 months postpartum and after researching a handful of other binders, I decided to give this one a try. It fits great, easy to use in general, easily adjustable,not too constricting. It is super affordable too, especially compared to other more complicated looking, more expensive binders. I would recommend this one for sure.I the best post pregnancy shapewear reviews |
Excellent product for low cost
By michelle rampaon
It does suck you in, but it's too bulky. I wear it at home but not in public as you can see it under a shirt. |
Great for PP
By Elizabeth Theleon
Do not buy this crap it folds up like ever |

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