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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

C section belly band canada


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SKU: SSL190293
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  • Name:C Section Belly Band Canada
  • SKU:SSL190293
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Fabric:Polyester fiber 63.5% Elastic fiber 36.4%
  • Suede:polyester fiber 100%
  • Elastic index:super elastic
  • season:Four Seasons General
Size Chart
Stomach Belt Binding Band Pelvic Bone Belt
M Long: 87CM Width:23CM Long: 90CM Width:23CM Long: 90CM Width:16CM
L Long: 87CM Width:23CM Long: 100CM Width:23CM Long: 100CM Width:16CM
XL Long: 95CM Width:23CM Long: 110CM Width:23CM Long: 110CM Width:16CM
XXL Long: 100CM Width:23CM Long: 115CM Width:23CM Long: 115CM Width:16CM
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

c section belly band canada Reviews

This product is so great because it has versatility with all the adjustments it ...
By Melissa Metcalf
This product is so great because it has versatility with all the adjustments it has. You can make it tighter where you need it and looser where you need it which is so much more comfortable and much easier to put on by yourself than the traditional wrap. I am using it post surgery and I wish I had had it postpartum! | Tag: best belly band post pregnancy
Love it! Thank you
By Audra Valdez
The postpartum belt is very supportive and just what I needed. With lymphedema/dercums diease which causes a lot of swelling in my abdomen, the belt keeps my belly up, helps my back from hurting, supports my hips and keeps my circulation moving. Plus it isn't bulky under my clothes. Love it! Thank you! | Tag: belly and back support during pregnancy
So great product
By Princess
I purchased this girdle after I gave birth via C- section, and this thing help me lot for my incision.It gave me support especially when I moved beacuse having abdominal incsion is very painful for few weeks and limit your movement.the material is incredibly good and durable and it fits as expected. | Tag: postpartum girdle experience
Runs small.
By Trisha Garrard
Does help shrink stomach after child birth. Runs small.I like this c section belly band canada | Tag: postpartum belt after normal delivery
Feel them working on me
By Sunny
Just received the set. Good quality. I can feel them working on my belly and waist. I am of the view that for this type of products, if I want them to do the job, comfy is not my priority. I however do not like sitting with them on, sleeping or standing with them is fine. | Tag: cinch postpartum belly wrap reviews
and I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't tight on me
By Sammyon
GREAT QUALITY!!!! I have had many postpartum binders including a Belfit as well as he medical grade binder you receive in the hospital. I am 9 months pregnant and tried this on (loosely of course) and the material is very supportive. I am am able to tell that this product is going to provide a great deal of support. | Tag: postpartum belly band singapore
3 weeks post-partum
By Shopping matriarchon
Great deal for price and quality. Would recommend. | Tag: postpartum belly wrap kardashian
So much more than just Shapewear
By Carolina Guzmanon
This worked really well! My wife used it after giving birth and she said it helped her abdominal muscles a lot for the first few days and she things it helped her waist shrink faster than it would have otherwise. She did say it stretched out a little after several uses but it still works great. Just cosmetically, the product looks a little funny. | Tag: abdominal belt after delivery in chennai
Good product for the price
By Mairimon
It works but kinda uncomfortable to wear all three. | Tag: best abdominal belt after delivery
Corset Recovery
By Mz.BOZZon
I'm 5'3" with a pre ba | Tag: tummy belt after giving birth
Fit and Functional
By Heatheron
amazing product. works perfectly.So great for this c section belly band canada | Tag: cheap postpartum belly binding
Great for postpartum recovery
By T Gon
I just received this item today. My son isn't due for another two weeks, which means I cannot offer testimony as to whether it's a miracle product for reigning my pregnancy gut back in or how comfortable it is, but I can say it seems to be a well-made, sturdy product...even better than I'd expected for the price actually! I tried the product on briefly, just to verify that it would fit me when I need it, and it should as I was able to just get the Velcro to overlap | Tag: homemade post pregnancy belly wrap
A larger available size would have been super helpful. This is unusable for me
By Robin B.on
I really do like this product. I'd buy it again. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because the instructions aren't exactly clear on how to put all the pieces on. But I think I figured it out and love it! Great back support and my tummy feels flat for hours after I wear it. Not the most comfortable thing to breast feed in, but that's not it's purpose. | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap reviews uk
First great and sucks in everything
By YRon
I did not know how to put it on, which piece I should put on first. Other than that I love it. I have been wearing it for five days postpartum and already notice a difference. | Tag: post pregnancy support belt thyme maternity
Buy it
By Rachel Perezon
I also have to laugh at the model in the diagram... please show me a real woman who looks like that within a week of having a ba | Tag: postnatal tummy corset
Good fit
By veronica reyeson
I give it three stars just because it is easy to put on, and was a good price. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to get smaller before I can test its use! |
The Best
To small only fit on one leg is not fair and I order XL not SI the best c section belly band canada |
Works very well, but not long term
By Adriana T.on
Works wonderful |
Runs too small with no directions
By christine collingson
this really help my wife's back when she would go walking. and the Velcro hasn't worn out yet. i would definitely recommend this |
After pregnancy
By SCFon
Great postpartum wrap!!! Helped me out even with my C section |
Nude Shaper
By DriWashOnlineon
This girld is well made. It is very flexible and comfortable, won't irritate skin even wear it for long time. I wear it during the day to control the amount of food intake, so far it is working great, hopefully will continue. |
Was it comfortable? No
By Amber M.
With recent tummy tuck I was provided a binder at the hospital, but I felt I needed more support. The hospital binder rolled up & difficult to get a secure fit. I am very happy with the results of using this 3 layers separated to create a perfect fit for you. Very secure Velcro. I can wrap around my waist comfortably, but everything feels snug & supported. You will appreciate the ability to wrap each layer for a custom fit for you. |
good quality. I didn't use it much
By tlcowson
I have been using this product for a week now. It helps with curving out that water weight in my stomach. I workout everyday, but the extra hold is helping with shaping my stomach. |
Great deal!
By TCon
I hope I can return it. |

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