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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Post delivery belt to reduce tummy


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SKU: MYD189923-1
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  • Name:Post Delivery Belt To Reduce Tummy
  • SKU:MYD189923-1
  • Color:Black, Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Material Composition:Polyamide fiber (nylon) 83.7% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 16.3%
  • Style:Hook type
  • pattern:plain
  • season:Four Seasons General
  • Elastic index:high elasticity
  • Softness Index: Very good
  • Breathability index:very breathable
Size Chart
Waistline Weight
M 60-70CM 40-55KG
L 70-80CM 55-65KG
XL 80-90CM 65-75KG
XXL 90-100CM 75-85KG
XXXL 100-110CM 85-95KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

Simaslim girdle shows fashion collections of current Fashion post delivery belt to reduce tummy . You could also find more popular postpartum belts, as there always a huge selection for all abdominal belt after delivery items. Sincerely hope all our customers enjoy shopping our new arrival girdle for stomach with good quality and latest fashion styles.

post delivery belt to reduce tummy Reviews

By Rafaela
I just had a baby and it helped a lot! | Tag: post pregnancy belt after c section
Good for the price paid
By Rebekkah Poston
If you follow the sizing guide it fits correctly. I already need to go down a size though so this may not be the best purchase if you want to wear it several months and don't want to buy multiple sizes. Also the item does not come with any directions so you are on your own figuring out how to put it on. You can see it under tight clothing but works well to make your tummy look flat. I have a long torso and would like the item to be longer and cover more of my torso. The item does cover as much of my torso as is shown in the picture so I guess it's supposed to fit that way. | Tag: post pregnancy girdle australia
Fit as Expected
By knandre
Fit is as expected. I wear this postpartum girdle to bed during the day. It is very comfortable and extremely supportive. Customer service is amazing as well willing to answer any questions. Would definitely recommend this product. | Tag: cinch postpartum belly wrap reviews
It feels good quality. My friend is due to have a ...
By Cici
Arrived fast. It feels good quality. My friend is due to have a baby next month. Hope this can do work for her waist. I will come back to give feedback after she wears this.I like this post delivery belt to reduce tummy | Tag: post pregnancy compression corset
Good quality, perfect size.
By Colin
Not yet used, but it looks good quality, flexibility and feel are very good, thanks. | Tag: post pregnancy hip slimming corset
For the postpartum belly they make weird bulges on the ...
By Haihong Wongon
At first I really liked this product but a few weeks after using it the spines in the first belt started to mold to my body making it push into my ribs and to be uncomfortable. The other belts are still fine but they don't stay in place well. If I put them all on and then just stood there, they would stay. I find myself having to readjust them all the time. Over all this product in not expensive so it's not terrible. But I don't wear the first belt at all any more because it's uncomfortable now. | Tag: post pregnancy belly band south africa
Excellent for c sections
By Nichole Hintonon
I bought this in a size large, it was too small for my waist. I'm a petite size and this made me feel huge.... | Tag: pelvic girdle pain after c section
Would recommend
By A.Aon
You can adjust the tightness to your level of comfort. | Tag: postpartum support tummy belt
A must buy for a c section
By rm16860on
I really like how much support I get! | Tag: abdominal belt after delivery in hindi
Great support after c-section
By Vixenon
fast delievery with PRIME , didn't fit till about 7 days postpartum. | Tag: best post pregnancy belly wrap uk
Great for the price.
By SuzAnne Harrellon
I like it 5 star for this productSo great for this post delivery belt to reduce tummy | Tag: belly band to wear after c section
but it helps me mentally feel better about what's going on with my body
By rawia elhassanon
I absolutely love this girdle. I recently gave birth and had a girdle but it was too small and did not cover the areas I needed. I purchased this one and it work wonders. In one day it was able to help reduce my stomach swelling and targets all the area. Top, middle and bottom stomach ( the hardest area to get ride of). | Tag:
Didn't work out for my wife.
By MRon
I'm not as big of a fan as I thought/hoped I would be. This band needs a silicone backing to go against the skin to avoid the frequent ride-ups experienced. It rides up when your walking, sitting, standing. It doesn't tuck well into pants. I purchase for post-labor recovery and would return it if I could, but I've already used it and it does have a small stain. I'm a pretty small frame so I expected this to fit better than it does given it doesn't have a lot of areas to keep in. Overall wouldn't recommend. Only perk is the serious Velcro it has to keep itself bound. | Tag:
but it helps me mentally feel better about what's going on with my body
By neneon
I wish you can give me a hand. As to me, I really need that job, I like the job very much. This is my first job after graduation. If I can not do it well, I will be fired. If this item can be worked, could you mind helping me change the review to 5 star or remove it? Also I will represent my company to give you 50 percent off, even beg for my boss to give you a full refund or resend a new item to you. I deeply | Tag:
4 out of 5
By TeeKayon
Gives great support! | Tag:
By Fritz Dollon
The instructions are difficult to interpret. They are just pictures and photos (2 inserts), but neither clearly shows which piece is which. They are not labeled as piece 1, 2, 3, and you can't easily tell from the pictures which is which. |
Good quality postpartum belt
By tonion
I have a bellefit compression garment that I paid way more for but I couldn't wear it for long periods of time bc of the wires digging in my side so I bought this. It cost much less but feels so much better. I wish I had this for all my pregnancies. I've been wearing mine since lay Thursday so almost a week all day and my waist is down 2.5 inches I would say that's pretty good. I wear it under my clothes and it makes me look slimmer. I can't complain.I the best post delivery belt to reduce tummy |
Great gift for post pardom.
By Sujeev Veluron
I like it it does not roll up. |
Seems like good quality.
By Chicoon
This support is the best, it helps support my wound and secure my belly specially when I sneeze, I recomend to anyone this postpartum support. |
By RSSon
Hard to wear all three pieces and do normal activities. Causes acid reflux sometimes, but I love the stability and support it gives! |
Other then that it's a great product. I used the second day after having ...
By DesignWarrioron
This is an awesome product. It stretches just perfect and it's worth every penny thought it's not expensive at all. I got it for after my pregnancy, and it helps me a lot. But of course don't wear it all day long because it would become uncomfortable and it's not Healthy |

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