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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Post pregnancy belt singapore

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SKU: NZYL189201-1
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  • Name:Post Pregnancy Belt Singapore
  • SKU:NZYL189201-1
  • Color:Black,Nude
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Shapewear,Need to thin people.
  • Gender:Female
  • Waist type:shapwear
  • Fabric:Nylon
  • Style:Snap-on
Size Chart
S 40-49KG
M 49-55KG
L 56-62KG
XL 63-70KG
XXL 71-77KG
XXXL 78-88KG
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

We offer the largest selection with over 200+ different styles post pregnancy belt singapore,our postpartum belly band made of choice material, and we make postpartum corset over 119 years,we are the postpartum shapewear inventor and industry standard maker,choose Simaslim girdle,you will get the best quality,most comfortbale postpartum belly wrap.

post pregnancy belt singapore Reviews

Return user
By Jacqueline D
I love the girdle product! So great!! | Tag: abdominal belt after pregnancy
Love the quality as good as the one I brought ...
By Shirley2522
Love the quality as good as the one I brought before with triple price in Hong Kong! Will recommend to my friends! | Tag: c section compression band
By which worked a lot better for me
I used this daily as a postpartum wrap after I had my son, but it started to warp out of shape after a couple weeks. I switched off to a ribbed waist trainer with latches, which worked a lot better for me. | Tag: belly band for c section recovery
The best price I've seen
By Jiangyan H.
The best price I've seen. Quality is good. Saw a difference after 1st day. don't wear all day. Take a breather. You well see the difference. I like this post pregnancy belt singapore | Tag: postpartum belt after normal delivery
Great for the price.
By Joy Richardson
It fits perfect on me. I bought this for back support and reduce belly size. It feels not too restrain when I am wearing it which I am happy with. | Tag: postpartum support belt for c section
Great fits perfect
By tanyaon
I just delivered on Feb 26 and I bought this before my delivery to use it on the hospital. It barely fit. Im a M-L in regular clothes. I thought it would help and fit as expected. I can barely make the velcro hold one to two inches from the other side with the first belt. | Tag: post pregnancy belly band uk
Good product. The Velcro does make noise when you ...
By Triinon
I had the easiest pregnancy and the easiest delivery for my daughter! But postpartum was not so easy. I have had the worst hip pain after her birth. Most days I could hardly walk! After months of chiropractic care and wear this at night I am finally starting to feel better. I only wear the hip part of this support system and I started wearing this 3 months postpartum. (to be honest, I was lucky enough to not need the rest, my stomach went right back to wear it was before pregnancy, flat) | Tag: after pregnancy belt reduce tummy boots
Works great, just very bulky
By aeper379on
Works well at first but after a few weeks it starred to fall apart. I actually really like it and would love a replacement. | Tag: post pregnancy support belt uk
Just don't
By H.Solaceon
Strongly recommend this set! Great material and really does the job! | Tag: post natal belly tummy support belt
Great Girdle
By lilizblackon
Just bought one belly band wrap belt for my wife. She said wear this while doing sport will be more efficient to lose fat . The quality is good. She likes it. | Tag: postpartum belly belt online
A necessity for your recovery
By SFoleyon
great for the priceSo great for this post pregnancy belt singapore | Tag: postpartum belly belt walmart
Good quality. Exactly what I was looking for
By falisha14on
But its stretchable , easy to put on , and helps support back as well .I love it wish it was black | Tag: post maternity belt for c section
I've had a cseation and I've looked for a good support and wasn't able to find one I'm about ...
By theBLKrabbiton
Fits well. And very comfortable! | Tag: post maternity belt nz
A larger available size would have been super helpful. This is unusable for me
By Shelley R.on
Great fits perfect, I'm usually extra small -small and wore a large pants during pregnancy. Got this in a small after and fits enough to eventually shrink back down | Tag:
Good product for the price
By Trishaon
I had an abdominoplasty done and this works really well. I'm very happy! | Tag:
Perfect for post-op tummy tuck.
By Daphney Jeuneon
This is perfect for any post partum momma. I had a c-section and this helped the swelling go down extremely fast and it also help close my diastasis recti. I can say it truly helped my body bounce back. I found it comfortable to wear under clothing, though you may see the lines, but who cares when it is helping your body. |
I thought it was going to run too small, ...
By JLon
perfect!I the best post pregnancy belt singapore |
So far so good.
By Cassandraon
This was tiny, I just gave birth 2 days ago and it does not reach around my waist. I'm not a big girl, but this is made for the tiny skinny model in the pictures |
but the other two are fine. The bottom one sometime tries to roll a ...
By Nathalyon
I would order it again though, and plan to wear it again after my next ba |
Great for post baby body!
By tamarasshopon
I just had an abdominal myomectomy two days ago and this has helped me so much with the pain, and has given me extra support. They have abdominal binders in the hospital, but I'm tiny and this binder was better fitting. I am a size 0-2 in clothing and I ordered a small |
Amazing product! Great quality and worth the price!
By Rashmi Venkateshon
I started wearing it a few days after I had my ba |
I love this product bc its 3 pieces and i can ...
By Judyyyon
Ordered a Large size and i usually wear a large. The user manual(i rather call it a piece of paper with pictures) is not detailed on how to wear. |

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