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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Postpartum postnatal pregnancy belt


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SKU: YLS190821
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  • Name:Postpartum Postnatal Pregnancy Belt
  • SKU:YLS190821
  • Color:Nude,Black
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Fabric:composite fabric
  • pattern:plain
  • season:spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Breathability index::breathable

Welcome to Simaslim postpartum postnatal pregnancy belt.As we know, postpartum girdle is very important for maternal.It can protect their viscera very well.Choose Simaslim 3 in 9 postpartum girdle,you will get the best quality,most comfortable post pregnancy girdle and postpartum girdle for yourself. We can offer best and fasest shipping online.

postpartum postnatal pregnancy belt Reviews

I love this waist trimmer
By Jessica VanderVelde
I love this waist trimmer, super comfortable yet very supportive! This is helping me sit up straight. Even at 10months postpartum with doing lots of core excercises I was still having trouble due to a little bit (2 fingers) of diastasis recti. I have a pear shaped body and the xl fits great even in the waist! | Tag: postpartum slimming belt
By Arina Sabrina
Preparing for my second baby. Looks well designed. Hope it works. | Tag: after delivery belt for mother
Great solution for that postpartum belly and social events/work
By Rita
Great solution for that postpartum belly and social events/work. Fits nice and snug. Material is comfortable and easy to adjust. | Tag: c section postpartum belly band
Wonderful, needed structure and support after my third baby!!
By Lauren Sax
I ordered this girdle shortly after the birth of my third child and it was EXACTLY what I needed!! Provided a smoothing effect over looser skin in front and also gave my back more structure. It's a very comfortable girdle, no digging into my upper back area. I wore this girdle multiple times/week for a period of two years and it held up really well!! I would highly recommend this girdle to other ladies needing some mid section support. I've received many compliments about looking toned and back to normal after having three little ones!I like this postpartum postnatal pregnancy belt | Tag: best postpartum belly wrap for c section
This has been an amazing buy. I bought a small in my 35th ...
By Desirae L.
This has been an amazing buy. I bought a small in my 35th week of pregnancy, having gained in the end 35 pounds. I did not plan to have a cesarean section but I am so so glad I had already had this corset! After birth I lost 25 pounds in the first week and but I had such bad back pain. As soon as I wore the corset I immediately felt so much better. It helped with posture and tightening my core again. Plus a c-section is quite a rough recovery and this was the perfect thing to help speed recovery! | Tag: can you wear a postpartum belt after ac section
and I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't tight on me
By Sammyon
GREAT QUALITY!!!! I have had many postpartum binders including a Belfit as well as he medical grade binder you receive in the hospital. I am 9 months pregnant and tried this on (loosely of course) and the material is very supportive. I am am able to tell that this product is going to provide a great deal of support. | Tag: postpartum abdomen belt 3 in 1
Waist Snatcher
By Amber Myerson
Wish you have a good day. | Tag: buy postpartum girdle uk
A must have!
By Ricardoon
I really like this item its adjustable and goes as far up or as far down to hold and compress the area that needs to be retrained after and during pregnancy. not only that they are 3 separate pieces and can use it where needed most. Great item. | Tag: diy postpartum girdle
Great product for the price.
By Yanethon
Everything was exactly how it was described. Great product. I would recommend to friends. | Tag: postpartum compression shapewear
I just gave birth 7 weeks ago and started using ...
By karen guerreroon
Not bad, runs slightly small. Would be better if it was longer. | Tag: postpartum support tummy belt
for support after abdominal "cool sculpting" and it worked fine. It was a bit bulky so hard to ...
By S Temon
I ordered this item to help with postpartum recovery after the natural birth of my third child. I feel like this product works as intended. At first, I had trouble getting the velcro around my postpartum belly (2 days postpartum- 160 lbs 5'4). BaSo great for this postpartum postnatal pregnancy belt | Tag: postpartum tummy wrap after c section
Good quality and perfectly suits the need.
By Macyon
It works very well | Tag: belly belt after giving birth
and then started using the others when the package recommended and the 3 hours a day or more time ...
By Sabrinaon
Great support for the price! I love the versatile use of 1, 2, or 3 parts. The only thing I wish is that they have a true 'nude' color option for darker complexions. Other than that it's great! | Tag: postpartum corset training
It was smaller than I expected but I am still ...
By ilzeon
Size was way too small even though the size chart said it would fit | Tag: post maternity compression belt
Post Partum Curvy Girl - Worked well
By Cyon
This postpartum belt really works. I love it | Tag: post maternity belt dubai
A must for postpartum care
By RiMarkableon
I really like it! I am exactly 7 days post delivery. Had a natural vaginal birth. Ordered this 3 weeks before. Decided between medium and large, went with the large. Fits perfectly right now because the straps on the sides can pull it nice and snug! Just to give you an idea of my dimensions: pre pregnancy I was 155, size 8 pants, size M or L tops, just was 36 DD. During pregnancy, I gained typical 30 lbs (worked out a ton and ate healthy like crazy), bust went up to 40 F (gosh I know), and pregnancy shirts Large. Post pardum, immediately went down 20 lbs during 11st 7 days but still have a little tummy pouch. This wrap girdle does the job- you do NOT need to pay 100 dollars on those expensive ones! This one is comfy and I wear it all days around the house, I even NAP in it! It's soft and flexible. I've even worn it out under my flowy dark shirts (which is all of my tops). It's NOT bunchy at all if you get the RIGHT size!!! |
can leave marks on skin if pulled too tight (suggest to loosen bands for a more comfortable fit for less irritation)
By racegirl1000on
I am 4 months post partum, I have been having back and abdominal pain off and on for the past 2 months despite physical therapy. I bought this in desperation and so glad I did. I wear it at night, off during the day unless I am going to be he doing a lot of lifting and bending. I wear while I am nursing as well because we all know ergonomic nursing positions are! Not the fixer to everything but my pain is a lot better bow that I have good core support. Don't wear 24/7 because could risk atrophy of muscles. If you are looking to get your abdomen back this might help, but pick up a copy of BaI the best postpartum postnatal pregnancy belt |
Best Support Garment Ever
By resoon
High quality product. Comes in three separate pieces. |
Good product but not discrete
By MamaEeveeeBearon
It was what I expected |

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