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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Postpartum belly band pros and cons


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SKU: WWZL19099
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  • Name:Postpartum Belly Band Pros And Cons
  • SKU:WWZL19099
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Fabric:polyester fiber 65% elastic fiber 35%
  • Thickness:Moderate
  • Elastic index:super elastic
  • season:Four Seasons General
Size Chart
Long Width Waist
M 85CM 23.5CM 74-84CM
L 95CM 23.5CM 84-94CM
XL 105CM 23.5CM 95-104CM
XXL 115CM 23.5CM 105-114CM
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

postpartum belly band pros and cons Reviews

Great fit
By Erin Dial
Great fit! Great quality! Wish I had known about this during my first pregnancy! I highly recommend this girdle! | Tag: belly wrap after c section
Works great!
By David C.
Works great! My back felt better quickly. | Tag: belly cincher post pregnancy
so comfortable
By Jared Mangum
This girdle is so comfortable and it truly provides with great support. It is really a well made product. I fully recommend it. | Tag: belly and back support during pregnancy
be made to fit as tight as you would like it to fit
By Heike
The postpartum belt can be made to fit as tight as you would like it to fit. I found that when I didn't ensure a snug fit, it would ride up. Other than that, it works great as a post abdominal binder.I like this postpartum belly band pros and cons | Tag: recovery pants after pregnancy
I recommend
By Jackie Eccleston
This worked well after my surgery to get my tommy back in shape.. | Tag: postpartum girdle celebrity
It is a good set of bands
By J.Truongon
Satisfied with the product. | Tag: post pregnancy hip corset
Great binder for postpartum
By Lovernon
It's does work from me for postpartum all. | Tag: post pregnancy girdle india
Buy 3 sizes larger than you need. Runs insanely small
By raisa Slagleon
I already have 2 similar-to-bella bands from my previous 2 kids but being the disorganized parent that I am couldn't find either one of 'em. Since this one is inexpensive AND has 3 items in one, I decided to purchase it and have no regrets. I used the lower-most on even at the hospital and then a few days after started using the tummy one (haven't used the 3rd since they recommend using it starting week 7). It's comfortable and straight-forward to use - they have brief instructions that were sufficient (you just velcro 'em around yourself). As expected, they're a little bulky so I don't like to wear them when I might see folks that I know. For example, I didn't wear them to a wedding or brunch out over the weekend (my little one is currently starting her 2nd week of life) and definitely noticed the difference. Without them, my core gets worn out real easy versus with it on, it provides me with enough support so that I can kind of get up from bed and definitely can maintain better posture. I don't know about the whole facilitating contraction of your uterus, helping to lose weight claims but it makes sense and given its ease of use and inexpensive cost I say why not get 'em a try. | Tag: post pregnancy girdle reviews uk
Great for post baby body!
By tamarasshopon
I just had an abdominal myomectomy two days ago and this has helped me so much with the pain, and has given me extra support. They have abdominal binders in the hospital, but I'm tiny and this binder was better fitting. I am a size 0-2 in clothing and I ordered a small | Tag: the best post pregnancy girdle
3 weeks post-partum
By Tera L.on
getting the job done for the owner | Tag: best postpartum support belt after c section
bulges up when you sit and bend down but it ...
By NKon
I will be returning it as soon as I get a chance for sure.So great for this postpartum belly band pros and cons | Tag: post natal belly tummy support belt
Great quality. You won't be disappointed!
By Shannonon
I love it. I love that it has three parts to it. It holds everything in nicely. | Tag: postnatal support girdle
Great for post baby body!
By Emily Arringtonon
Didn't fit but I'm working on losing so hoping it will fit soon | Tag: abdominal support belt after delivery
Good in summer
By Gary C.on
Better than another band I had bought , I wish I bought this sooner to help with postpartum body. Very supportive, not flattering but nothing is on after having ba | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap c section
Great quality. You won't be disappointed!
By Wayneeeon
Excellent!! Reduce my waist and my belly instantly. | Tag: post pregnancy tummy wrap belly band
Runs a Bit Small
By Cindy S.on
This product was very helpful for the first 3 weeks post partum. I purchased a large which worked for a while but now at 4 weeks post partum it is too big and the velcrow is not sticking as well. I should have ordered a medium but definitely recommend for post partum women the first four weeks. |
Best girdle I've ever spent!
By Nyxon
I was nervous after buying it due to several comments about the fit but it has fit perfect since I got it. I am not tiny I the best postpartum belly band pros and cons |
Excellent for postpartum recovery Helps with posture and self confidence ...
By Nhu Anicoon
I bought this item for my cousin whom recently had a ba |
I was having horrible back pain as my posture had become horrible since ...
By jiae hwangon
pressure. My friend has used this every pregnancy and swears |
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