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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Fajas postpartum


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SKU: T-DBT190882
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  • Name:Fajas Postpartum
  • SKU:DBT190882
  • Color:Nude,Black
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Material:Cotton
  • Pants length:three pants
  • Style:sexy
  • Waist type:high waist
  • Fabric:mesh yarn
  • pattern:plain
  • Clothing style:embroidery
  • Other:tummy belt after c section delivery
Size Chart
Weight Waistline
M 40-50KG 63-67CM
L 50-60KG 67-77CM
XL 60-70KG 77-83CM
XXL 70-80KG 83-90CM
Note: The data of the size chart is manual measurement, because there are elastic factors in the material, manual measurement will exist 1-2CM deviation.

Simaslim girdle shows fashion collections of current Fashion fajas postpartum . You could also find more popular postpartum belts, as there always a huge selection for all abdominal belt after delivery items. Sincerely hope all our customers enjoy shopping our new arrival girdle for stomach with good quality and latest fashion styles.

fajas postpartum Reviews

This product is amazing
By loteba peal
It's worth the money. This product is amazing | Tag: c section compression garment
Well made for the price.
By Pammie
These are well made and very reasonable in price. They feel a bit tight when first put on but are comfortable after a few minutes. I bought one size up and they are perfect. I suppose it depends on your body type, I have a poochy stomach and it smoothed every thing out pretty well so my clothes do not show rolls under them. | Tag: post pregnancy stomach wrap
a little on the tight side XL would fit perfect. hope this helps someone
By Naan
I am 5'5 150lbs after pregnancy L fit a little on the tight side XL would fit perfect. hope this helps someone. | Tag: maternity belt after c section
This binder works well for me. I used it ...
By einobe
This binder works well for me. I used it (am still using it) post partum. It's adjustable and works well because it doesn't scrunch up in the back.I like this fajas postpartum | Tag: post pregnancy belly band after c section
beyond customer service
By Adrienne Keller
Customer service was very helpful! | Tag: belly after c section pictures
but sometimes when I sit the Velcro pops off and I have to lift my shirt to redo the belt- not practical. There are 3 pieces but if you use all 3, it's very bulky and obvious. The one piece that is large and flat I recommend that you wear backwards and Velcro it at your lower back. This way your entire abdomen is cinched in. The skinny belt, wear under the bra line as normal. The one large bulky belt can be used to sleep (I take this off to shower and sleep. If you can tolerate sleeping in it, it's better for you). I will continue to use this while in the house and use my "mother tucker" shirt when I have to run errands. I recommend belly binding as a way to help your waist return to normal quicker but I can't recommend this belt because the major flaw is keeping it shut. I intend to bind for 4-6 weeks.
By Tab
Good in theory. But it doesn't stay put all day. It did work well in the first few weeks after birth. But the longer I wore it through out the day the worse it fit. So for the price it was fine. | Tag: postpartum belly wrap south africa
it sucked
Showing 871-880 of 912 reviews(Verified Purchases). See all 945 reviews | Tag: best belly band for post pregnancy
F this size
By Nathan H.on
I bought this to help get my belly back to normal after I had my ba | Tag: post pregnancy belt australia
By erica lotton
The Velcro makes it super easy to get a tight fit and the elastic are great to keep it all together | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap malaysia
Horrible product
By Kelseyon
muy buen producto | Tag: postpartum belly band bleeding
Not a fan of this
By Emily Arringtonon
These are not made for people who could actually use them.So great for this fajas postpartum | Tag: postpartum belly belt target
Appropriate for the price. Uncomfortable to wear for more ...
By S.Bon
Greetings xxxx, | Tag:
Fit a week after delivering the baby
By Heidi Buelon
Amazing product. It does exactly what it says. A bit bulky in the front though but looks smooth in the back. | Tag:
I liked it - I'm between 8 and 10
By julie gobenon
Now, I am a week postpartum, and decided to try it on. I'm regretting not getting a large. Right now, my waistline is about 37 1/2 inches, and my hips about 47 inches. I could not get this around my abdomen, without stretching it and just barely getting the Velcro to attach. When I was able to get it to attach, it was very tight and painful, and when I moved, the Velcro started to come undone. | Tag:
Sorry really didn't like
By Carol Changon
This worked well, but it started falling apart after 10 days of use, wearing it only about 4 hours a day. The supports in the back both came out and it is fraying where the velcro is. For short-term use, it's good. | Tag:
Very comfortable and soft
By angyleyeson
Wasn't comfortable never used it |
because I was a small recovery is also very good so a little bit loose but the quality of ...
By Ton
Fits goodI the best fajas postpartum |
Can't bend over in this or it gets messed up ...
By Nastasia Bentleyon
If you found my review helpful please vote! |
By Daniel Romanon
This isn't quite what I was looking for. It seemed too noticeable under my clothes. It also wasn't very comfortable. |
She did say it stretched out a little after several uses but it still works great. Just cosmetically
By Cherion
This thing is much MUCH better than the BellyBandit at a fraction of the cost. With the double layer at the waist, achieving true compression is actually do-able, not to mention, it conforms to the curves of the waistt which helps achieve the actual goal of re-creating a waist. The BB is simply too stiff and difficult to get even compression thoughout. I havent yet added the hip belt as Im still having a lot if symphasis pubis dysfunction pain 5 days post-partum. |
a small) the first three weeks postpartum but fit great after that
By Sammyon
I ordered a large, and it fits great. I'm 155 lbs, and 5ft 1in. |
By H.Perryon
Awesome |
For the price this is a good product. Good support
By maureenon
It really works!! It's very supportive! I definitely recommend it!! |

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