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Usage: Postpartum / Post Surgery / Everyday Use

Abdominal belt after c section delivery


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SKU: YLS190821-1
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  • Name:Abdominal Belt After C Section Delivery
  • SKU:YLS190821-1
  • Color:Nude,Black
  • For people:natural labour,Cesarean section,Pregnant women,Need to thin people.
  • Fabric:composite fabric
  • pattern:plain
  • season:spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Breathability index::breathable

Simaslim girdle shows fashion collections of current Fashion abdominal belt after c section delivery . You could also find more popular postpartum belts, as there always a huge selection for all abdominal belt after delivery items. Sincerely hope all our customers enjoy shopping our new arrival girdle for stomach with good quality and latest fashion styles.

abdominal belt after c section delivery Reviews

Post c section
By Kristen
Amazing item to have after a c section! | Tag: girdle to wear after pregnancy
By Nube L
Love this one. Very tight and comfortable. Easy to use. I tried wearing it for whole day, still felt good. | Tag: best after pregnancy belly band
Return user
By Jacqueline D
I love the girdle product! So great!! | Tag: hospital grade postpartum girdle
Is a bit large for me, but I guess …
By M.F.L.
Is a bit large for me, but I guess it still works, today is my first day trying it on I like this abdominal belt after c section delivery | Tag: postpartum girdle back pain
Good for posture
By Esther in Waxahachie
Perfect for keeping my posture correct when working, whether sitting or standing. Helps relieve my mid-back pain. | Tag: postpartum girdle comparison
rolls a bit after some extended use but still great for back support pp
By Sonia75on
Great belt. Most other ones you just attach Velcro at the front, but I like how these ones have the side straps to tighten extra. Great quality. | Tag: postpartum girdle for long torso
Didn't like it
By Mrs.M.
I'm happy with this product. It's affordable and does it's job. A lot of the reviews did state to buy a bigger size. I went with an extra large. My stomach has gone down so much. I'm 5'5 and my weight at delivery was 185. After delivery I was 173 pounds. I almost went with an large but I'm glad I went with an extra large. My hips started off at off at 44 inches and is now 41 inches. Just giving details for future people trying to pick the correct size. I would recommend this product. | Tag: postpartum belly wrap kardashian
I thought it was going to run too small, ...
By JLon
Way too small.
By Amanda C.on
Worked great post partum. I used this during the first month. | Tag: post pregnancy girdle india
By Itzayana Fashenon
After a c section I was looking for a girdle to help with the pain as I moved around the house. This girdle helped decrease some of the pain and is helping flatting in my stomach. I order the size that was suggested through the size chart and I found it small to start but its starting to fit better everyday | Tag: after pregnancy belt price in india
Good customer service
By Victoria G.on
I gave this five stars because it's the perfect size and really holds my stomach down firmly. This is the first time I have actually purchased items like this that fits so perfectly, it comfortable, enough to wear all day long. Love this product.So great for this abdominal belt after c section delivery | Tag: post pregnancy belt ireland
but overall I like it! I'm a size 12-14 in pants to ...
By Nathan H.on
I would order again, I think it helped and it fit well | Tag: post pregnancy waist belt
Great for post c-section
By liwenaon
Its okay, i hate that its a small width of closing in the front and after wearing for 2 weeks it barely sticks anymore. | Tag: postpartum wraps c section
A little small but works great
By Ro
I really don't understand why people would spend close to or more than $100.00 on one of these when this one only cost me $20.00 and it does the job perfectly. I purchased this compression garment after doing research on many different ones after having my first child. It had the same pros and cons in reviews as even the most expensive kind and ultimately I decided to try this one out because it looked most similar to the one that was given to me | Tag: maternity belt after delivery in pakistan
because I was a small recovery is also very good so a little bit loose but the quality of ...
good quality and nice faric material | Tag: post pregnancy belly wrap in target
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