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Maternity Postpartum Recovery Support Belt

About Maternity Postpartum Recovery Support Belt

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Best maternity postpartum recovery support belt Reviews:

Very well made corset.
By Kingston
This product is very well made. So much so that I was surprised. I cracked two ribs and dislocated the lower ribs called floating ribs. This corset took more than half my pain away by holding my rib cage in place to begin healing without movement. I wear it pulled up just under my breasts. There are two front Velcros that cinch and hold very well. Then the added stretch strip on both sides is highly flexible and you can pull them to create less or more tension.
It really is quite comfortable.
By SFoley
I'm 5'9 and 225lb postpartum. I ordered the large and maternity postpartum recovery support belt is tight though that is the whole point. It really is quite comfortable. It helps with my back pain postpartum while I'm up walking around. I don't like wearing it while sitting though.
this is a great product
By Jessie
I give it 4* because it is a little bulky; but, overall, this is a great product, can be worn during hot summer days, it is easily adjustable and the material is not stretching. it stays in place! regarding the size: i am a petite person at 110lbs weight (before pregnancy) and the small size was too small for right after birth. i got the medium size and it will fit me from now until i shrink back to normal. Small is for very tiny/skinny people
Good for postpartum women
By Ann Ryan
Good for purchase with the price and quality. I like it made from breathable and stretchy fabric. And it's better than others which is easy to wear and take off. Must buy one for postpartum woman.
Amazing for postpartum back pain
By Tera
Amazing for postpartum back pain. I had severe back ache after my darling baby was born and his helped a little with the pain. The support rods get poky if you use the band too tight. But otherwise it helps. I used it for a month and couldn't use more because its either bends or is poky.
The quality is good.
By Irishman
Just bought one belly band wrap belt for my wife. She said wear this while doing sport will be more efficient to lose fat . The quality is good. She likes it.
Fabulous product
By Mike
This was great! It fit well, and worked great! I'm a bigger girl and the only complaint I have is that if I didn't get it on perfectly, postpartum recovery support belt would dig into my upper back and it was uncomfortable.
I tried as soon as I received
By RuoRuo
Always wanted something like this. I tried as soon as I received. It is comfortable and righting the core well. It also is consentrating on the shape of your core body. You can tell the waist become so thin when you use it.
Love this girdle
By Jennifer
Love this girdle! I have noticed a difference after wearing it for only 3 days. The 3 different straps allow you to adjust the fit. It's definitely kept my stomach sucked in after my C-section and is as comfortable as a girdle can be.
By mayra
This postpartum recovery support girdle was too small for me. I weighed 180 and I’m 5’3’’ before giving birth. And it did not close or was not near closing around my postpartum belly. So I would recommend to go a size up.
Simaslim Postpartum Recovery Support Belt